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Happy 16th birthday wishes: Are you about to write a birthday card and need help? This is the right article for you! In the following lines you will find the most beautiful 16 year birthday wishes to send to your son, nephew, boyfriend or a simple friend. Our dedications are fun, heartfelt and reflect on the new year that is coming for the birthday boy.

In addition, you will also have happy birthday images 16 years of the ideal size for social pages. We advise you to read, save and share the best wishes for you and if they weren’t enough, take a look at the other articles on the site as well. You will find lots of collections of funny greetings , birthday dedications for grandchildren and birthday wishes to send to your child .

Now we just have to see together what are the most beautiful 16 years happy birthday phrases .

Happy 16th birthday wishes for daughter

1. “Happy 16th birthday! You have a beautiful life ahead of you and it’s just the beginning! Enjoy this special day!”

2. “Happy birthday, sweet 16 year old girl. Enjoy your day and have fun doing all the things that make you happy.”

3. “Happy birthday to my amazing friend who never fails to support me. You are truly amazing and I wish you all happiness because you deserve the world and so much more. Happy 16th birthday!”

4. “Dear daughter, today is your special day! Best wishes for your sixteen, I love you!”

5. “I can’t believe this child turns sixteen today. Happy birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart. I am sure you will conquer the world. Happy birthday.”

6. “Words are not enough to mark this memorable day in your life. But I just want you to know that I will always be there for you as you walk through this new stage in life. Happy 16th birthday!”

7. “Happy 16th birthday! You are turning into a smart, talented and lovely young woman, but as far as I’m concerned, you will always be my little girl.”

8. “Sweet and graceful, beautiful and adorable; charming and bubbly, innocent and friendly. Dear daughter, you are all of this, our love for you is infinite. Happy 16th birthday.”

9. “Happy birthday to the little girl who turns 16 today. You have done a lot all these years and I hope you will find happiness in every moment of your life.”

10. “It seems like yesterday you were a little girl, now you are a beautiful woman. I wish you well on your sixteenth birthday.”

11. “Happy sixteenth birthday, honey! The fact that you turned sixteen today fills my heart with joy. Happy happy birthday!”

12. “Happy 16th birthday to a special young lady! May next year be filled with sweetness and happiness!”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for son

1. “You are our baby and you always will be. A piece of our heart, the light of our eyes, the purpose of life. Happy 16th birthday, son.”

2. “When your mother was pregnant, we asked God to give us a child who would grow up to be honest, hardworking and successful. You are living proof that God answers prayers. Happy 16th birthday son.”

3. “Today is your sixteenth birthday, and it means that the busiest phase of life begins. I have never doubted your ability to make the right decisions, and I trust you will continue to do so for years to come. Happy birthday, son!”

4. “Whether you are an old man or a young sixteen year old, you will forever remain our little bundle of joy. Happy 16th birthday, son.”

5. “It brings me great joy and happiness to know that today you turn 16. Enjoy this day and take care of yourself, son. Happy birthday!”

6. “Happy 16th birthday to my wonderful son. You are the sweetest part of my life!”

7. “Every father secretly wishes his son to grow taller and wiser than he is. Congratulations, at least you got taller. Happy 16th birthday.”

8. “My wish for your 16th birthday is that joy and happiness accompany you in everything you do. Be adventurous and overcome all the challenges that life holds for you. Happy birthday, son!”

9. “Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! You look like a monkey and even smell like you were one! You love the one person who could get away with telling you this, and that is your brother! Greetings and happy party … at the zoo!”

Happy 16th birthday wishes funny

1. “I thought of several phrases to write to you for your birthday and in the end after a sleepless night I found this: happy birthday! (smiley emoticon)”

2. “And since you study Latin at school I wish you “ad maiora always”! Don’t tell me that you need the vocabulary to translate … Happy birthday my dear friend. Even if you’re not good at Latin, I love you anyway.”

3. “My dear friend you are for me the sun, the moon, the stars. The days without you are really sad and insignificant … But did you really believe that I did? Let’s say that I exaggerated a bit … Anyway, happy birthday (emoticon with smile).”

4. “Since I don’t want to bore you with very long and possibly even sweet phrases, worthy of a full glycemic crisis, I simply say best wishes! I know I was original!”

5. “Years go by but you are always a child! But when will you settle down? Maybe never. Happy birthday and be good.”

6. “You know well that I am not very romantic, nor do I express my feelings easily, but this time I can make an exception to the rule. Now I should tell you that you are good, wish you the best and blah blah blah etc. etc. and thousands more speeches. Best wishes! Come on, you know that deep down I love you.”

7. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16… 16 years wishes to you! Don’t expect this to be the case every year – as you get older, counting will become much more difficult!”

8. “Here’s your horoscope for today: we predict you will turn 16 and receive tons of gifts!”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for a boy

1. “Best wishes for your sixteen, the candles are starting to be many on the cake!”

2. “Candles, cake, sparkling wine, gifts, but the most important thing today is the number: finally 16. You’re growing up!”

3. “I would give you a star but it would do no good since 16 years ago you lit the sky with your shine! Best wishes!”

4. “You are no longer a teenager. At 16 you are almost an adult. I’m proud of you. Happy birthday!”

5. “The 16 years are a fundamental stage in the growth of a person … enjoy them fully with enthusiasm and intelligence, also because they will be part of your best memories! Happy birthday!”

6. “Three great principles are essential to fully experience the sixteenth birthday: be happy, laugh … and above all have a great party!”

7. “It is not the years of your life that count but the life of your years… wishes for your 16 years.”

8. “Life is a huge canvas: pour all the colors you can onto it. Best wishes for your 16 years!”

9. “Nothing more immense than this magical adventure. Wishes infinite love!”

10. “Being what we are and becoming what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life. Best wishes for your sixteen.”

11. “Happy 16th Birthday! I love you as if it were the first day we are together! Best wishes!”

12. “Always love with today’s purity, laugh carefree, stumble and get up stronger.”

13. “16 is certainly the most beautiful age in life. I wish you with all my heart to take advantage of this year full of surprises and joy. Happy birthday.”

14. “Best wishes to you, may this day be the best of any other, do not be in a hurry to feel great, walk slowly because life is precious do not waste it, best wishes.”

15. “Years pass and you are getting older, after 16 comes 17 and then 20 and in no time you will find yourself being a grandfather.”

16. “I wish you a life full of wonders, surprises, friends and satisfactions. This is what we wish for you on this special day. Best wishes for your 16 years”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for a girl

1. “I wish you to look in the mirror and see what I see: a beautiful girl with a great talent ready to amaze everyone. Happy birthday extraordinary creature!”

2. “Sixteen years ago on a beautiful day like today, the most beautiful girl was born has made our life beautiful, and with great pride we wish you the best of wishes for your life on this day. Happy sixteen, princess.”

3. “It seems like yesterday that you were my little girl, now you have become a young, beautiful and intelligent woman. I wish you the best, today and always. Best wishes for your 16 years.”

4. “Today, you will blow out sixteen candles but you will light up the soul of all of us with your joyful smile. Never stop being the way you are. Best wishes!”

5. “16 years ago a star was born that shone brightly! Let that light be stronger and stronger, and it can dazzle everyone you meet in your life! Best wishes!”

6. “Remember: there is only one rule at 16: there are no rules! Happy birthday!”

7. “Having you was and remains the most beautiful, engaging and thrilling adventure of my life.”

8. “May it go further than you ever imagined and open new horizons as only a young person can. Best wishes for your 16 years.”

9. “At sixteen you run the risk of becoming serious… obviously not true for you! Happy birthday.”

10. “To you who turns 16 today: my wish is that all your wishes will come true and that our friendship will last forever. I love you, best wishes!”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for best friend

1. “Happy Birthday, I wish you happiness, joy and a lot of lightheartedness. Best wishes!”

2. “May every day be full of wonderful surprises! Best wishes! Happy birthday.”

3. “Happy Birthday, dreams come true! Best wishes!”

4. “Happy Birthday, a wonderful carefree event to celebrate together! Best wishes”

5. “Wishes for a peaceful and Happy Birthday, which is peaceful, joyful and special. Best wishes!”

6. “Years go by but you are always a great splendor! Best wishes”

7. “May the joy and happiness of this beautiful moment accompany you throughout your life. Happy Birthday.”

8. “Happy Birthday, I wish you a beautiful smile every day, to cheer up the whole universe. Best wishes”

9. “Best wishes, today is the time to laugh, dream and achieve as much as possible. Happy Birthday.”

10. “Best wishes for a peaceful and Happy Birthday, may it be another year full of satisfactions!”

11. “Congratulations, when’s the party? Happy Birthday”

12. “Happy Birthday, may you be carefree and happy!”

13. “Happy Birthday, today I wish you much happiness! Happy celebrations”

14. “Best wishes and best wishes … may it be a wonderful birthday!”

15. “Let the party begin and last a lifetime. Happy birthday!”

16. “Because you are a good boy … and no one can deny it! Keep getting old like this! Happy birthday”

17. “Happy and Happy Birthday, a wonderful party awaits only you. Best wishes.”

18. “Happy Birthday Wishes, there is no better time to wish you a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!”

19. “Best wishes, every year it gets better and better! Happy birthday!”

20. “Best wishes for a super birthday to celebrate. Smile and your day will be better! Best wishes”

21. “Among all the holidays … yours shines more and more! Happy Birthday!”

22. “An exciting day awaits the most VIP birthday party of the year. Greetings my friend! May it be a happy and peaceful birthday!”

23. “Today everything is allowed … do not miss the opportunity to be Happy! Best wishes”

24. “Happy birthday to you … Happy birthday to you! Obviously the cake to me ;-)”

25. “Celebrate today as much as you can, a great unique event awaits you. Happy Birthday”

26. “Fantastic day to wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday! Best wishes.”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for granddaughter

1. “Best wishes to my young lady who, 16 years ago right now, filled the other half of my heart.”

2. “Number sixteen only lasts a year, but the great things that come with it can last a lifetime!”

3. “Usually on these occasions the ears are pulled 16 times. I send you 16,000 cuddles, 16,000 kisses and 16,000 good wishes. Happy birthday!”

4. “Happy birthday for your 16 years. Enjoy them, they are the best years. With love…”

5. “Today you are sixteen! Sixteen years. The age that everyone would like to have: children to be judged great, the elderly and those over thirty because it is the happiest age.”

6. “16 candles create a beautiful light. But not as bright as your eyes tonight.”

7. “How do you feel as a sixteen year old? You look the same to me as yesterday but younger than tomorrow. Celebrate big, make this day unforgettable! Best wishes.”

8. “Happy birthday!”

9. “Happy birthday!”

10. “You are 16, a lot of friends who love you, you are nice and funny. What else do you want? Ok, ok, here’s the gift too. Happy birthday!”

11. “Happy birthday! Turning 16 doesn’t happen every day! This age is the strangest, fullest and most fun of all ages, believe me! Enjoy it all and forget about it!”

Happy 16th birthday wishes for grandson

1. “You have become quite a handsome young man. I couldn’t be prouder of you. May your 16th birthday be memorable and wonderful.”

2. “Being 16 is truly wonderful. May the coming year bring you fun, adventure, love, learning and growth. Best wishes!”

3. “Over the years you have become a wonderful gentleman. As you enter the most ambitious phase of life, I pray that the good Lord will guide you in everything you do. Happy sixteenth birthday, dear!”

4. “A child is the best asset any parent can have to make up for life’s liabilities. From you, we continue to reap the rewards and gains of the purest love there has ever been. Happy birthday.”

5. “You grew up to be the young man every parent would like to have. On this sweet sixteenth birthday of yours, I want to wish you many beautiful days from now on. Happy birthday!”

6. “Happy birthday to someone so lovely and wonderful that I couldn’t imagine my life without you! You are an amazing human being, inside and out! We send you so many blessings!”

7. “Happy 16th birthday to a truly special person. I wish nothing but the best for you.”

8. “You are not only sweet, you are also smart, talented, funny and kind. I hope you have the amazing 16th birthday you deserve.”

9. “If I could give you something, it would be the ability to keep you who you are: confident, radiant and beautiful now and for years to come. it’s the only time you’re 16, so make the most of this wonderful and fun day!”

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