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Children’s birthdays are always a celebration full of feeling and joy. While it’s hard to understand what’s going on at that age, it’s nice to celebrate these birthdays altogether. More than for the child, for his family. Surely, if you are a relative, a friend, perhaps the same uncle or grandfather, you cannot fail to wish a happy birthday with a beautiful greeting phrase. In today’s article, we will try to provide you with several, so you can choose the right phrase to wish happy 2 years to a boy or girl. Read on to not miss a thing.

Are you looking for some beautiful happy 2nd birthday wishes? You have come to the right place! In the following lines, you will find many wishes for the second birthday to send to a boy or girl. Our dedications are ideal to include in birthday cards and we are sure that the birthday boy will be happy reading them in the future.

Happy 2nd birthday wishes

happy birthday wishes for 2-year old boy / Girl

As we anticipated, 2 years are hard to remember for a birthday boy or girl. Those who will surely remember them, however, will be the parents or relatives of the children, who will keep these memories forever. That is why it is essential to make a good impression with a birthday sentence suitable for 2 years, in order to show the affection you feel towards this boy or girl. Let’s see together some phrases that you can use for this birthday.

1. “2 years ago, a princess was born . Today a little queen grows up. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl there is!”

2. “You are a little devil. It has been 2 years of whims, but full of infinite love, and of smiles of joy that I would never want to change. Happy Birthday!”

3. “Today you are 2 years old. These days you have brought us immense joy, a happiness that we cannot even describe. Happy birthday baby.”

4. “Happy birthday little one! You are everyone’s pride and we will be there for you, always, in every moment. We love you, best wishes!”

5. “Today the most sparkling jewel of all turns 2 years old. May life always light the way for you. Happy birthday !”

6. “I wish I could fulfill your every wish, from here to every other birthday you will have. I will try to always make you happy, not to allow the world to hurt you. Blow out these 2 candles , make a wish, and be happy forever. Happy birthday baby!”

7. “For this your second birthday, I wish you that joy always remains in your heart, and above all, in your big eyes. Happy birthday baby.”

8. “Happy birthday, little one! On this special day, we look forward to seeing you grow big and strong . Happy birthday!”

9. “This is a special day, it’s your second birthday . You give us so much joy, day after day, a joy that we cannot describe. Happy birthday, for all the birthdays to come.”

10. “The first time I saw you 2 years ago, with the round face and big cheeks, I thought you were the most beautiful thing in the world. 2 years have already passed, and time will pass faster and faster , but you continue to be the most beautiful thing in the world. Best wishes.”

11. “On this day you will be 2 years old , and it is only the second of many milestones you will reach in life. Today, as in all those who will come, I will stand by you, I will help you in need and I will always love you. Best wishes!”

happy 2nd birthday to my niece

1. “It is really hard to believe that today there are two of you, the speed with which you learn to talk, walk and jump is incredible. I am happy to be your mother, happy second birthday, sweet and intelligent child.”

2. “Today they will ask you to blow out more candles than you can count. Happy second birthday!”

3. “You are my precious gem and I am ready to spend 1001 years with you, my sweet little girl who is 2 years old. Enjoy your day.”

4. “There is nothing cuter than your laugh and more precious than your broken words. I wish a happy second birthday to my super sweet pastry.”

5. “If you read this, you will know that your second birthday was great and your party was unique. I hope you feel good now, while you are a complete man.”

6. “May your second birthday be filled with dolls and toys. Happy 2 years!”

7. “Every little milestone for our beloved baby always fascinates us. Happy birthday to the most mischievous and cheerful child.”

8. “From the first time you were placed in my arms, I knew it would be you and me forever my sweet 2 year old; i love you so much and wish you nothing but the best in life.”

9. “You went from using a diaper to sitting on the potty. I wish you many great successes in life. Happy birthday.”

10. “Two years and you are already so sweet? How lucky your parents are! Happy birthday!”

11. “Happy 2nd birthday, my little one! Know that the people around you always love you. So, in everything, always remember that we are here to love and support you!”

12. “Having you made me realize exactly what I’ve been missing all these years. Thanks for adding sweetness to my life. Happy second birthday, beautiful daughter.”

13. “My beautiful princess, you are the sweetest gift I have ever received. I wish you a wonderful and magical second birthday. May all your dreams come true.”

14. “A soft touch of your palm trying to hold my finger drives away all my anger and makes me so relaxed and happy. My little princess, I love you so much. Happy 2nd birthday, my baby doll.”

birthday wishes for my 2-year old daughter

Whether you are uncles or grandparents, there is nothing better than wishing a happy birthday to your nephew, or your granddaughter who is 2 years old . The immense joy that a grandson brings to life is not easy to describe. The second birthday could be a good time to bring out your poetic soul and wish your favorite boy or girl a happy birthday.

If you don’t have a lot of imagination and what you need help to find the right phrase, this article is for you. Let’s see together some sentences that you can use for the 2 years of your grandson. And if they don’t convince you too much, you can always modify them to your liking.

1. “When you need me, I won’t just be your uncle, I’ll be the friend you need. Best wishes!”

2. “When I pick you up, and you look at me with your big eyes, and you smile at me, I feel like the luckiest uncle there is. Happy birthday to the most splendid of grandchildren.”

3. “Now that you’re 2, I can tell you. Remember, you will always have an aunt who will deeply spoil you. Happy birthday grandchild, I love you immense!”

4. “We raised your mom, and now we raise you in the same way. You are the joy of the whole family, happy second birthday!”

5. “You are a wonderful grandchild , and you have given my life meaning. Happy second birthday!”

6. “Since you were my niece, you could only be beautiful, intelligent and perfect. Many happy birthday wishes to the creature that most resembles me in the world!”

7. “Happy birthday to you, may you have a wonderful day. But not only today, for all the days to come, may you always have the smile, the joy and the love that you have given to us in these 2 years . Greetings adored grandson.”

8. “Grandparents are always ready to have grandchildren, indeed it can be said that they can’t wait. When you arrived 2 years ago, a pink wad ready to whimper, we were the happiest and proudest grandparents in the world, and we continue to be so today. Happy birthday grandchild!”

9. “You are a wonderful grandson. Fill our hearts and days with pure joy. For this reason, I wish you all the happiness the world can give you. Best wishes!”

10. “A grandfather is always ready to do everything for his grandchildren. And since you were born, you have made our life better and better. Happy birthday grandchild!”

11. “I know you’re too young to tell, but I also know I’m your favorite uncle. Happy birthday my little one!”

12. “You are my grandson, but I love you as if you were my son. You make me the happiest aunt in the world. Happy Birthday love!”

13. “When I look at the stars, you always come to mind, because you are the most beautiful granddaughter on earth. Happy birthday sweetheart of my heart!”

14. “From great uncles, great nephews inevitably grow up . We got off to a good start! Greetings to the little one of the house!”

15. “Today a wonderful child turns his birthday. A beautiful grandson. Many wishes from your uncles.”

16. “As a grandson, you will always have a special place in my heart. May this second birthday be just the beginning of your happiness, happy birthday!”

17. “In my heart there will always be a place for my favorite nephew . Happy birthday honey!”

18. “This day is special for everyone. For you, because you are 2 years old, and for us, who are celebrating your birth that has given us so much joy. Happy birthday to our favorite grandson. Happy birthday!”

short 2nd birthday wishes

1. “The little angel God sent to bless us turned two today. Happy birthday!”

2. “Look at you, you are so happy and carefree! Happy 2nd birthday, sweet baby!”

3. “You are the future and it is quite bright right now. Happy 2 years, baby.”

4. “Guess which little hero turns two? That’s right, it’s your birthday! Best wishes!”

5. “Happy birthday, beloved little devil! Two years of whims full of infinite love and smiles to die for! Best wishes”

6. “Happy birthday baby! On your second birthday we wish you to become big and strong, and above all to learn to love. Best wishes.”

7. “Two years ago my little princess was born: you, my beloved little girl / granddaughter! Happy birthday.”

8. “A sparkling wish to my most beautiful jewel that turns two today: my daughter.”

9. “For your second birthday I wish you happiness always remains in your heart and in your beautiful eyes! Happy birthday little man.”

happy birthday wishes

1. “I wish I could grant all your wishes, from here to any other birthday you have. I will always try to make you happy, not to let the world hurt you. Blow into these 2 candles, make a wish, and be happy forever. Happy Birthday Baby!”

2. “You are a piece of love, God gave me a gift and told me to treat it with care. I love you, my pretty little girl. Have a beautiful 2nd birthday.”

3. “Just like our love for you, you keep growing. The best birthday to our angel and our joy. May life have great meaning for you to live it well.”

4. “Happy 2nd birthday to my amazing baby! Your laughter definitely tickles my spine and your smile soothes my tired soul. I love you so much, my child, enjoy your party!”

5. “Your smile is the most adorable thing in the entire universe. You are a wonderful child and I hope you stay that way. My little one, happy birthday!”

6. “It’s your day darling, you can enjoy all the cake and sweets you can eat. I hope you will wear that smile for the rest of the day. I love you and I want nothing but the best for you.”

7. “You are the exact clone of your father, the way he smiles, the way he lies down and his nice dimple on his cheeks. I am lucky to have my love back in its smallest form. Enjoy the balloons, my daughter.”

8. “I wish you all the great things this world has to offer, you are a great baby and I know that one day you will change the world. Happy second birthday honey!”

9. “From: Your number one fan. May your birthday be as fun as you are. You will always be the shining star.”

10. “It’s hard to believe you’re two years old already. You came into the world as a miracle. The time we spend with you flies so fast because we enjoy every moment with you. To be able to see you grow up is a blessing. Best wishes for the 2 years!”

11. “You are like a warm blanket. Every time I take you in my arms, I feel warm and pampered. Happy 2nd birthday.”

12. “Your adorable smile spreads over everyone around you, and you spread so much cheer without even knowing it! Happy birthday for your 2 years old!”

13. “You are the reason my life is perfect and thank goodness to be able to share your second birthday with you, enjoy the warmth of my love.”

14. “Everyone keeps looking for a way to be happy and joyful, but you brought it to me freely and spread it throughout my life. Happy birthday, my beautiful young daughter.”

15. “So, for the loveliest two-year-old ever, let’s make today twice the fun, twice as good and twice as great as your birthday last year!”

16. “I must be the luckiest person on Earth because I was given a precious two year old boy who has the sweetest and most adorable smile in the world!”

17. “To my adorable two-year-old! May you become a smart, wise and handsome guy and may you excel in your career in life! Thank you for the happiness you have brought into our life! Happy second birthday!”

18. “Wow, you’ve been with us for two great years. It already looks like you’re going to be a superstar in whatever you decide to do with your life. For now, let’s eat the cake and have a nice second birthday party.”

19. “This is your second year in our life, but you have already managed to change our life, to make it complete and happy. You are the happiness of our life. Honey, we wish you a happy birthday and we love you so much!”

20. “Honey, I gave birth to you two years ago. I look at you now and am amazed at how much you have already learned. The way you play, explore and laugh is so special. I give you my best wishes on your second birthday, my child!”

21. “It’s finally the second year of your life here on Earth, my little one! My only wish is that you grow up and become a handsome young man and that your life be filled with happiness, blessings and success! Happy birthday!”

22. “At two years old, you are only sweet and light. You make us happy with your every move, sweet birthday girl. Best wishes for the two years!”

23. “I feel like I want to steal you, lock you up and keep you all to myself, I love you so much and would do anything in my power to see that beautiful smile on your face. Happy Birthday darling!”

24. “My child, you are so pretty with your bright blue eyes! You are a sweet bunny who really brightens our day! Happy birthday to you our dear teddy bear!”

25. “They will bring you toys and lots of fun for boys and girls. They will sing and play while you sleep. We send you hugs and kisses on this special day.”

26. “We wish you a life full of discovery and pure joy. To big dreams and even bigger achievements. Happy birthday for your 2 years!”

27. “For this second birthday, I hope that joy will always remain in your heart, and especially in your big eyes. Happy birthday.”

28. “Today I wish you a wonderful party on your second birthday! I hope you will receive a lot of gifts and a lot of love from everyone around you. Happy birthday!”

29. “Today it has been declared “National Cake and Ice Cream Day”. It must be because it’s your birthday. Hurray, cheer!”

30. “You’re two years old, so let me tell you how birthdays work. You play nice and we bring you gifts. You be good and we bring you the gifts, you be nice and we bring you the cake and the ice cream. See, that’s all there is to it.”

31. “Happy 2nd birthday, honey! May you get the most out of life and thrive in all endeavors of your life!”

Best wishes for a relative whose baby turns 2

We have seen several phrases for girls or children who turn 2 years old. There are so many ways we have to make a little one and his parents happy on their birthday. Often and willingly, children are drawn to colorful things. Therefore you could enrich your greeting phrases with a colorful, cheerful, nice card. In this way, you will give an extra smile to the little girl or boy who turns 2 years old. Finally, remember that it is true that the boy or girl is too young to understand what you have written, but it is also true that in a few years he could reread this card with you, and a simple “best wishes” might seem a bit too much. gaunt.

That is why we still have a few sentences for these children who turn 2, whether they are your relatives, friends or neighbors, there is a sentence that you can use that suits the situation. Let’s see some others together.

1. “Piccolo, this year there are 2 candles to blow out. Time goes too fast for us. You are our little, but already great champion, and with great love we wish you a very happy second birthday!”

2. “With love and affection I can only wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you can bring you joy and love for all this long journey that is life.”

3. “You cannot imagine how much joy you give us and how much pride , in seeing you grow and knowing that an extraordinary life awaits you to live. We want to see you become big and strong, and above all to learn to love. You are our pride and we will always be there for you, at all times. We love you . Best wishes!”

4. “You gave us 2 years of joy and emotion. The only wish we make you today is that you can continue to give these emotions every day of your life.”

5. “It has already been 2 years since you first opened your eyes. And since that moment, everything has become even more beautiful. Best wishes.”

6. “Today there is everything. The cake, the candles, the balloons and your family, who love you so much, and can’t wait to celebrate your every birthday with you. Best wishes!”

7. “There is no way to explain how much love she can feel for you. Maybe one day you will understand, or maybe not, but for me you will always remain the most beautiful thing there is. Happy birthday little man .”

8. “There are few steps you have taken, but you still have a long way to go. Go one step after another, happy and light as you are today, celebrating this second birthday. Best wishes!”

9. “In these 2 years you have taught us to be truly happy, even when you were screaming, crying, screaming or complaining. In each of those moments, you still proved how wonderful it was to have you in our lives. Happy birthday baby.”

10. “I wish you 2 years of a thousand smiles, a thousand opportunities and a thousand emotions. Have a beautiful birthday and make everyone happy as only you can!”

11. “2 years that you exist and you have taught us more things to us than us to you. We love you so much. Happy birthday baby!”

12. “From the first day you were born, we knew you were something special. You are a dream that has come true . A love that has come true. Happy birthday!”

13. “It’s been 2 years already, and we all wish you that your life is just as happy as ours has been since you were born! Best wishes!”

14. “You are a princess, and in these 2 years we have told you this often. We wish you to always see yourself happy and that your joy will shine every day like today! Happy birthday!”

15. “How proud it gives us to see you grow so big and serene. You are a child full of joy , and we hope you will always be like this. Best wishes!”

16. “The happiness you have given us in these 2 years cannot be described in words, so many hugs await you! Happy birthday darling of our hearts!”

17. “2 years have come, 2 years of joy, love, happiness and tears. You have been the most beautiful gift we could have, and we hope that one day you will experience the same joy as us. Happy Birthday!”

18. “Your birthday is for us one of the greatest joys in life, the first of all is surely seeing you smile. Best wishes.”

19. “2 years have passed. Years of games, tears, smiles and so much joy you have brought into our lives. Happy birthday baby.”

20. “Slowly, you are already growing up. We hope that every day can be filled with joy like today. Happy birthday!”

21. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful of stars. You will miss the sky , but here we will always protect you! Best wishes!”

22. “It seems like yesterday that you were born, and instead 2 years have already passed. Of adventures, joys, tears and sweat. We love you and look forward to more adventures with you!”

23. “You are the greatest gift of all. We hope to be able to give you love and sweetness, as you do every day, best wishes!”

24. “Someday we will look back and think back to all the birthdays we spent together. And we will remember this day for the joy, love and happiness you brought. Best wishes!”

25. “The second birthday has also arrived, and incredulous and full of emotion we wish you a long life full of joy and happiness. Best wishes!”

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