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In the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world, May 6th is all about an internationally celebrated day of action against the slimming and dieting madness. Because this date has been celebrated in many countries since 1992 as International No Diet Day (INDD – International Anti-Diet Day). What’s behind it?

Who started International No Diet Day?

Compared to many other curious holidays and action days, the background of the International No Diet Day seems to be relatively well documented. The initiative for this unofficial day of action goes back to the British author ( Diet Breaking: Having It All Without Having to Diet ) Mary Evans Young and 1992. At the time, the feminist had just survived the effects of anorexia and, based on her experiences, launched the Diet Breakers anti-diet campaign .

In addition to her own fate, Young gave two main motives for the (International) No Diet Day campaign: On the one hand, media reports about stomach reductions and the complications associated with them, as well as an increasing number of reports about juvenile suicides – especially girls – their motives suffered from his own (alleged) obesity. As a countermovement, the following goals are to be pursued with the INDD:

  • Recognition of the variety of natural differences in size and weight
  • Creation of a critical awareness of ideals of beauty
  • Education about the dangers of dieting and the inefficiency of commercial diet products
  • Help against discrimination against overweight and obese people

Why does the International Anti-Diet Day fall on May 6th?

May 5, 1992 – A picnic in Hyde Park falls into the water. Although the first No Diet Day was originally supposed to be celebrated on May 5, 1992 with a picnic by about a dozen women in London’s Hyde Park, bad weather forced Young and her fellow activists to move the action to Young’s apartment. Nevertheless, the campaign received a lot of media attention in Great Britain.

Justified mainly by the fact that Young campaigned in various TV interviews for the acceptance of his own body and against the obsession with slimness. Since then, the day of action has been celebrated worldwide by feminist groups in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India, Israel, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, among others.

The change in the date is due to this international distribution, because this collided with Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the southern US states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Accordingly, this not really strange holiday has been moved to May 6th, which is also the birthday of Mary Evans Young.

If there is a connection to also committed today US beyond no-homework-day (No Homework Day) or the day of the drinks are (National Beverage Day), I could not figure out in the course of research. At least the last-mentioned occasion would be quite appropriate, at least in terms of content.

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a relaxed International Anti-Diet Day to all of you.

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