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Since 1982, which is 29 April for the initiated by UNESCO International Dance Day (alternatively: World Dance Day and International Day of Dance). What this international dance day is all about and why this occasion deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world , the lines of this article illuminate. What is it about?

Who started the International Dance Day?

Initiated by the International Committee of Dance of the International Theater Institute (ITI) of UNSECO, this day of action has been intended to honor dancing as a universal artistic form of expression of people in the world on the one hand and to bring the role of professional dancers into the focus of public awareness on the other . In addition, the initiators see today’s event as a kind of sister event to World Theater Day on March 27th.

The annual messages, for which changing authors from the five UNESCO regions are selected, are an essential part of these efforts. The decisive criterion for the ITI and UNESCO is that the person is related to dance. So far, these have been the following people:

  • 1982: Henrik Neubauer (Slovenia)
  • 1983: No general greeting
  • 1984: Yury Grigorovich (Russia)
  • 1985: Robert Joffrey (USA)
  • 1986: Chetna Jalan (India)
  • 1987: ITI Committee of Dance (international)
  • 1988: Robin Howard (Great Britain)
  • 1989: Doris Laine (Finland)
  • 1990: Merce Cunningham (USA)
  • 1991: Hans van Manen (Netherlands)
  • 1992: Germaine Acogny (Benin and Senegal)
  • 1993: Maguy Marin (France)
  • 1994: Dai Ailian (China and Trinidad & Tobago)
  • 1995: Murray Lewis (USA)
  • 1996: Maya Plisetskaya (Russia)
  • 1997: Maurice Béjart (France)
  • 1998: Kazuo Ohno (Japan)
  • 1999: Mahmoud Reda (Egypt)
  • 2000: Alicia Alonso, Jiří Kylián and Cyrielle Lecueur (Cuba, Russia and France)
  • 2001: William Forsythe (USA)
  • 2002: Katherine Dunham (USA)
  • 2003: Mats Ek (Sweden)
  • 2004: Stephen Page (Australia)
  • 2005: Miyako Yoshida (Japan)
  • 2006: Norodom Sihamoni (Cambodia)
  • 2007: Sasha Waltz (Germany)
  • 2008: Gladys Agulhas (South Africa)
  • 2009: Akram Khan (Great Britain)
  • 2010: Julio Bocca (Argentina)
  • 2011: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Belgium)
  • 2012: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Belgium)
  • 2013: Lin Hwai-min (Taipei)
  • 2014: Mourad Merzouki (France)
  • 2015: Israel Galván (Spain)
  • 2016: Lemi Ponifasio (Samoa and New Zealand)
  • 2017: Trisha Brown (USA)
  • 2018: On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the International Theater Institute, it was decided in 2018 to select a deputy author of the official message for World Dance Day for each of the five UNSECO regions. In detail these are: Salia Sanou (Burkina Faso – Africa), Georgette Gebara (Lebanon – the Arab states), Willy Tsao (China – Asia-Pacific countries), Ohad Naharin (Israel – Europe) and Marianela Boan (Cuba – America )
  • 2019: Karima Mansour (Egypt)
  • 2020: Gregory Vuyani (South Africa)

Why does International Dance Day fall on April 29th?

And as usual with such honor and action days of UNESCO, there is also a concrete reason for the choice of the date on World Dance Day. April 29th refers to the birthday of the founder of modern ballet, the French dancer and choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), whose work has significantly shaped this form of dance (see also the other articles from the calendar of strange birthdays ).

Whether it beyond a substantive connection to also committed today US Day of the zipper (Engl. National Zipper Day) or the day of the Gloria Dei ‘s (Engl. National Peace Rose Day), I could while researching for this article however do not find out. But a lot is conceivable with a view to dance too.

Dancing – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

I thought for a long time about all the background information that could be written about this special day of dance, until a few days ago I found a small series of photos of a dancing couple from New York by chance (see also the articles on the International Lindy Hop Day (English World Lindy Hop Day) on May 26th and the Argentine Día Nacional del Tango (German National Tango Day) on December 11th).

The photos are from my NYC trip in spring 2011 and were taken in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Why did they dance there? For a photo session, which pretty much everyone present held on to with their cameras on a beautiful spring day in April. But the two of them took it with a sense of humor and clearly enjoyed the action.

In this sense: Have a great International Dance Day to all of you. 🙂

International Dance Day Quotes

1. “A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement.” – Jess C. Scott

International Dance Day - A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement. - wishesdb

2. “Almost nobody dances sober unless they happen to be insane.” – H.P. Lovecraft

3. “Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, no matter.” — Louis Horst

4. “Dance is just like film in that it allows for thoughts in movement.” – Twyla Tharp

5. “Dance is like breathing, it is like catharsis…. Enjoy it to the fullest and let your feelings flow…. We wish you a happy move on International Dance Day.”

6. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” —  Martha Graham

7. “Dance is the way to express your emotions and feelings and dance is also the way to enjoy your body. So enjoy this beautiful day. A very Happy International Dance Day to you dear.”

8. “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

9. “Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” — Charles Baudelaire

10. “Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.” – Oprah Winfrey

International Dance Day - kick off your shoes, and dance. - wishesdb

11. “I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.” — Ruth St Denis

12. “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” — Voltaire

13. “Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” — Rabindranath Tagore

14. “Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.”

15. “Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” – Eckhart Tolle

International Dance Day - Life is the dancer and you are the dance - wishesdb

16. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

17. “Never dance to impress but always dance to express and you will impress everyone. Happy International Dance Day”

18. “On the occasion of International Dance Day, my wish for you is that you always dance to the tunes you love and live life at your own terms.”

19. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan W. Watts

20. “There are only two kinds of people in this world- those who can dance and those who can not…. Happy International Dance Day to all of you.”

21. “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” — George Carlin

22. “To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”

23. “When you dance,your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer

24. “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.” – Satchel Paige

25. “You live as long as you dance.” – Rudolf Nureyev

International Dance Day - You live as long as you dance. - wishesdb

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