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Starts the rotors. Let your drones go up. Since 2015, we celebrate the first Saturday in May as the International Day of the drone flight or International Drone DayIn 2021 this day of action falls on May 1st . Reason enough to shed light on the story with the following lines of the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world . What is it about?

Who started the International Drone Day?

The International Drone Day goes back to an initiative of the two British video producers and drone aviators Sarah and David John Oneal in 2014. With this day of action, the two have set themselves the goal of introducing the subject of drones and drone flights to a wider public and countering existing prejudices and fears. After all, many people view these aircraft with great skepticism.

The initiators can certainly record a success with their concerns. Since the first edition of the International Day of Drone Flight in 2015, over 40,000 participants in 150 countries have taken part (see also the list of further links below and the contribution to the nationwide Day of Model Flight in Germany , which always takes place in early June).

The annually changing central events at different locations are an integral part of this day of action. So far there have been the following cities:

  • 2015: Las Vegas
  • 2016: San Diego
  • 2017: Portland
  • 2018: Ohio
  • 2019: El Paso, Texas
  • 2020: No central event.

When do we celebrate International Drone Flight Day?

As already indicated at the beginning, the International Day of the Drone Flight is an event with a flexible date, which always falls on the first Saturday in May. The first edition of the International Drone Day took place on May 9, 2015, i.e. the second Saturday in May, and the initiators only switched to the current date variant in 2016 (see also the list of further links below).

Although the initiators do not provide a specific reason for choosing this flexible date at this point, a Saturday date in May does not seem to be the worst choice either. Against this background, the International Drone Day will fall on the following dates in the coming years:

  • 2020: Saturday May 2nd
  • 2021: Saturday May 1st
  • 2022: Saturday, May 7th
  • 2023: Saturday May 6th
  • 2024: Saturday May 4th
  • 2025: Saturday 3rd May
  • 2026: Saturday May 2nd
  • 2027: Saturday May 1st
  • 2028: Saturday May 6th
  • 2029: Saturday, May 5th
  • 2030: Saturday 4th May

Who here still requires of you a mental mnemonic may be the International Day Drone as a parallel event to the US Day of herbs or National Herb Day Mark, who also always falls on the first Saturday in May.

Goals and intention: What is the International Drone Day about

The International Drone Day focuses on the topic of education and tries, as already indicated above, to create public awareness that drones or drone flights can be used sensibly. In addition to economic aspects, the initiators particularly emphasize the many possible uses of drone flights.

The spectrum ranges from the use to save lives in search and rescue missions to more efficient methods of monitoring harvests to the production of spectacular photos and video recordings on the third Sunday in August.

In addition to these serious areas of application, it should not be forgotten that drone flying is a great hobby that connects people around the world and, above all, is fun. At this point, many thanks again to my father, who made the pictures of his flying drone available to me for this post.

In this sense: Have a good flight and a relaxed International Drone Day to all of you. No matter where in the world you celebrate this day of action.

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