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The May 5 is the 1991 International Midwives’ Day (International Midwives Day or International Day of the Midwife) the midwives – and dedicated helpers. Of course, such an event deserves its own entry in the calendar of curious holidays from around the world. Accordingly, the following lines about this international day of action also pay tribute to the work of the midwives. So what is it all about?

Who started International Midwive’s Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays, in the case of International Midwive’s Day there is very specific background information about who started it and since when exactly it has been celebrated.

Unfortunately, in the course of my research, I couldn’t find out why they decided on today’s May 5th. Whether it’s here to connect to also committed on May 5, the international day of the photo frame (International Picture Frame Day), the International Day of hand hygiene (Save Lives: Clean Your Hands) or the US Day of baguettes (National Hoagie Day), the Astronaut Day (National Astronaut Day) or the Cartoonist Day (National Cartoon Day) remains unclear.

Be that as it may, this should not prevent us from bringing the facts together. International Midwives Day was officially celebrated for the first time on May 5, 1991, with the actual idea for such an international day of action being presented at the 1987 International Midwives Congress in the Netherlands.

This is probably also the result of various independent discussions and proposals within the member organizations of the International Confederation of Midwives .

Time for political action – the world needs midwives more than ever

With the second edition in 1992, this day of action became a regular facility to draw attention to the (difficult) professional situation of the mostly freelance midwives and to sensitize the public to this problem. Especially since the turn of the millennium, the insurance premiums for professional liability insurance for freelance midwives have risen dramatically and pose financial problems that threaten the existence of many of those working here.

Against this background, the annual motto applies: The world needs midwives more than ever with all urgency. With this in mind: Support the obstetricians. Not just on International Midwives Day.

International midwives day images

international midwives day images - wishes db
international midwives day images wishes - wishes db

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