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The May 10 should all followers of manicured British humor make a special note on the calendar. After this date celebrating fans of the British comedy group Monty Python, founded in 1969 as International Monty Python Status Day. Of course, such an event deserves its permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world , so that the following lines shed some light on its history. What is it about?

Who started the International Monty Python Status Day?

Well, the question is relatively easy to answer. Because the fact that big fans of the troupe were at work when the International Monty Python Status Day was created should have got around to the Ministry of Silly Walks. Although this institution has its own curious World Day with the International Silly Walks Day on January 7th, we now come to something completely different.

If I look at it correctly, the original initiative for today’s occasion goes back to a now inactive MP FanPage on Facebook and the year 2012. The event has been continued since 2013 by a successor page called International Monty Python Status Day – Series 2 , the makers of which are apparently based in Richmond, Virginia.

Why do we celebrate Monty Python Status Day on May 10th?

On the other hand, I could not find out why they chose today’s May 10th as the date of all places. However, it can be assumed that the publication of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (German: The Knights of the Coconut) on May 10, 1975 played a role here. However, there are very different information on this, which is why I can only speculate here (see also the list of further links below).

Whether it beyond a connection to the crimes committed today also the day of the windmill (National Windmill Day), the day the shrimp (National Shrimp Day) or flush your bedroom to-day (Clean Up Your Room Day ) is also unclear. Or you can combine these occasions with one another.

How do you celebrate the worldwide Monty Python Status Day?

The name says it all. Because in order to celebrate the humor of the British comedian group appropriately, you should update your Facebook status with your favorite quote from the wide range of Monty Python TV shows, films, shows, etc.

And the possibilities for this are almost endless, because both the English original version and the German translation – I am unable to judge other language versions – are bursting with anarchic joke that has produced numerous classics over the years. Apart from that, it seems to me that watching a Monty Python work is an entirely appropriate way of celebrating today’s occasion.

I always wanted to be a lumberjack. 😉

In this sense: A relaxed International Monty Python Status Day to all of you.

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