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Quiet! Always on the last Wednesday in April, it goes with the International Noise Awareness Day the noise to the collar. In 2021 this is April 28th. Reason enough to pay tribute to this day of action with your own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to shed light on its background below. What is it about?

What is noise anyway?

Let’s start with a definitional approximation. For many people, noise or loud noises represent a strongly perceived form of impairment or exposure. Recent studies have shown negative effects on the cardiovascular system, sleep disorders and increasing poor concentration when exposed to constant noise. As the population increases and the volume of traffic increases, it can be assumed that the noise level in public spaces will increase rather than decrease (see also the article on the British National Quiet Day on September 14th) or the day without music ( engl. No Music Day) on November 21st).

The rising noise level has also become a massive problem for the environment and for many animals. Environmentalists and scientists refer, among other things, to the negative influence of the noise of wind turbines on the bird world or the massive disruption of the sense of direction of whales in the deep sea due to the increasing volume of shipping (see also the other articles from the calendar of environmental action days ).

Who started the International Noise Awareness Day?

In contrast to many other strange world days, the background of the International Noise Awareness Day is relatively well documented. The initiative for this global campaign dates back to the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) and the year 1996.

In the meantime, this day of action has also established itself in many countries and the initiators can count on the support of their campaign against noise from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain and the USA. In this country, the International Noise Awareness Day has been operating as a day against noise since 1998, which is under the direction / organization of the German Society for Acoustics (DEGA eV).

When do we celebrate the International Noise Awareness Day?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Day Against Noise is an action day with a flexible date. In other words, this event always falls on the last Wednesday in April. In the course of the research for the present article, however, I was unable to find out what the reason for the choice of this date is. So that nobody can complain that he / she didn’t know about the Day Against Noise, the following is an overview of all upcoming dates for the next ten years:

  • 2019: Wednesday April 24th
  • 2020: Wednesday April 29th. Due to the rampant corona pandemic, the initiators of the German Society for Acoustics have decided to cancel the Day Against Noise 2020. This with reference to the fact that the measures to contain the pandemic have ensured an eerie silence in the cities and municipalities, which simply make a day of action against noise appear unnecessary or inappropriate (see also the corresponding statement on the website linked below DEGA).
  • 2021: Wednesday April 28th
  • 2022: Wednesday April 27th
  • 2023: Wednesday April 26th
  • 2024: Wednesday April 24th
  • 2025: Wednesday April 30th
  • 2026: Wednesday April 29th
  • 2027: Wednesday April 28th
  • 2028: Wednesday April 26th
  • 2029: Wednesday April 25th
  • 2030: Wednesday April 24th

Goals and intention: What is the Anti-Noise Day about?

The day against noise is intended to create public awareness of the problem of increasing noise pollution. This international day of action is aimed at everyone who is either professionally or politically responsible for this topic. In addition, the initiators also try to make everyone who is affected by the noise – ATTENTION punctuation – heard.

With a combination of information, imparting knowledge and public events, the aim is to raise social awareness of the noise problem. In short, the influence or its effect and the demonstration of possible measures for reduction in different areas of life are an integral part of this international campaign.

In this sense: Hopefully all of you have a quiet day against the noise. No matter where you are in the world.

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