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Since 2019 we celebrate the 5 May as International Day of the photo frame (International Picture Frame Day)Reason enough to include this special day for an everyday object in the calendar of curious holidays from around the world and to tell its story below. What is it about?

Who started Picture Framing Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays and action days, the origins and backgrounds of the day of the picture frame are relatively well documented. The idea and initiative for this special day of this item for framing and stabilizing images goes back to Artvera GmbH & Co KG, one of – according to their own statements – the largest European online retailer for this market segment and the year 2019 (see also the list the related links below).

The Artvera marketing team approached me a few weeks ago and asked for this event to be included in the calendar of the strange world days. And as always, if I like an idea and the time allows, I am happy to comply with such requests.

Why does International Picture Frame Day fall on May 5th?

In contrast, there does not seem to be any concrete reason or any reference to the content when choosing May 5th as the date for the day of the picture frame. At least the initiators did not comment on this. In this respect, a reference to the US American Baguette Day (National Hoagie Day), the Day of the Cartoon (National Cartoon Day) or Astronaut Day (English National Astronaut Day) or the International Midwives Day (Eng. International Midwive’s day) and the International day of hand hygiene. (English Save Lives: Clean Your hands) actually ruled out.

Aim and intention: what is the day of honor of the picture frame about?

With the day of the picture frame, the initiators want to pay tribute to a “boring” everyday object that everyone probably has at home. And this ascription is actually not appropriate for the picture frames. At least the following points should provide suitable counter-arguments here:

They ensure a harmonious image in homes, offices and public facilities.

A picture frame preserved eg photographic memories and from dust, dirt, light and other environmental protecting you (see, inter alia, the contribution World Photo Day (World Photo Day) on 19 August).

And not just in a private setting. Picture frames preserve numerous expensive and famous works of art. Without them we would probably not be able to see most of the pictures, prints and photographs in museums around the world. Digitization or not. In many cases, should the original actually prefer (see including the contribution to the International Museum English (International Museum Day) on May 18).

In short, the day of the picture frame would like to honor this “boring” everyday object appropriately and get it out of the shadow of the work of art for at least one day.

With this in mind: Many thanks to the colleagues at Artvera for submitting this holiday and have a great day of picture framing to all of you.

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