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Hooray for solar. To the season we celebrate May 3 since 1978 as the International Day of the Sun (International Sun Day or International Day of the Sun or Sun World Day). Nice, sunny weather is great, of course, but this day of action emphasizes another aspect of the sun with solar energy. Reason enough to shed light on the history of this international day of honor for our mother star with the following lines from the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world . What is it about?

Who started International Sun Day?

As with so many other contributions from the calendar of environmental action days , the origins of the International Sun Day are relatively well documented. In fact, the roots of this global day of action around solar energy lie in the USA.

Specifically, the idea or initiative for Sun Day goes back to the US environmentalist and supporter of solar energy Denis Hayes. Observant readers should this name mainly by the Earth Day (dt. Earth Day ) to be known on 22 April, for the first edition in 1970. Hayes as coordinator and co-founder was active.

During the Carter administration from 1977 to 1981, Hayes was, among other things, director of the Solar Energy Research Institute and had the idea to model Sun Day on the model of Earth Day. This cause received political support from the 39th US President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Carter brought the joint resolution HJRes here. 715 by the 95th Congress of the United States, which finally officially declared May 3rd to be Sun Day on March 27, 1978 as Public Law 95-253. From 1994 this national day of action became an international event that attracted attention in 22 countries (see also the list of further links below).

Why does International Sun Day fall on May 4th?

In contrast, in the course of the research for the present article, I could not find out why they chose May 4th as the date for the day of the sun. The temporal proximity to the summer solstice or the calendar distance to the winter solstice may not have played a role here.

At this point, however, the note that International Sun Day should not be confused with the North Korean national holiday, Sun Day on April 15, commemorates the birthday of the “Great Leader” and “Eternal President” Kim Il-sung, who was born in 1912 shall be. Except for the similarity of names, both days have nothing to do with each other.

Aims and intention of the sunny day: a special day and a week of action for solar energy

With the International Sun Day on May 3rd, many countries initiate the so-called Week of the Sun, which begins on May 4th and – in Germany since 2007 – about the possibilities and options of energy supply through renewable energies such as solar energy should be informed. To that extent, it is actually about more than the sky phenomenon sun (see also the contributions to, inter alia, the World Day of Meteorology (World Meteorological Day) American US on March 23, or the day of the May sun (National May Ray Day ) on May 19).

The fact that the sun and its energy generated by nuclear fusion, some of which reaches the earth as electromagnetic radiation, is still the greatest natural supplier of energy to the planet and its ecosystem, does not need to be particularly emphasized at this point. The matter looks a little more complicated with regard to the technical use of solar energy in the form of solar power.

Without getting too entangled in technical details at this point, it can at least be stated that solar power can primarily be generated by so-called photovoltaic systems or with solar thermal power plants. Especially in view of the finite fossil energy resources, this seems to be one of the most sensible ways to become independent of external energy imports and the long term in the context of renewable energies (see also the contribution to Global Wind Day: The World Wind Day on June 15) to make monopolies coupled or existing to them.

Although a lot has happened here in recent years – just take a look at the significantly increased number of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of German houses and buildings in recent years – the whole story is of course also a political issue. The current debate about the continued existence of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) passed by the federal government on April 1, 2000 shows that – with the appropriate willingness on the part of politicians – a lot can actually be achieved.

And who has nothing with the issue of sun in the heat / can 3 May alternatively as US support-two different colored shoes day (National Two Different Colored Shoes Day), as a day of the supernatural (National Paranormal day), as the day of the carpet fold (National Lumpy rug day) or as International day of the forest kindergarten (Global day of forest kindergarten) celebrate.

In this sense: Have a great Sun Day to all of you.

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