January Holidays 2021 around the world. celebrate and plan your holidays. wish your family and friends.

DateDayHoliday NameHoliday TypeCountry
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayAlgeria
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayAngola
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayBenin
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayBotswana
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayBurkina Faso
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayBurundi
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayCameroon
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayCabo Verde
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayCentral African Republic
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayChad
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayComoros
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayCôte d’Ivoire
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayDjibouti
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayEquatorial Guinea
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayEritrea
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGabon
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGambia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayGhana
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGuinea-Bissau
1 JanFridaynew year’s evePublic holidayKenya
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayLesotho
1 JanFridayNew Year’s evePublic HolidayMadagascar
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayMorocco
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayMozambique
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayNigeria
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidaySouth Africa
1 JanFridayIndependence DayPublic HolidaySudan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTanzania
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayUganda
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayZimbabwe
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayargentina
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayBolivia
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidayBrazil
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayCanadian
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayChile
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayColombia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayCosta Rica
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayEcuador
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayEl Salvador
January 1FridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayGuatemala
1 JanFridayNew Year’s Day HolidayPublic HolidayGuyana
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayHonduras
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayStatutory HolidayMexico
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayNicaragua
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayPanama
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayParaguay
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayPeru
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidaySuriname
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayUruguay
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayIndonesia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayTurkey
1 JanFridayInternational New Year’s DayNational holidayVietnam
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidayAustralia
1 JanFridayJanuary 1 Bank HolidayBank HolidayEgypt
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidayHong Kong
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayNew Zealand
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidayPhilippines
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidaySouth Korea
Jan 01FridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidaySingapore
1 JanFridayRepublic Day/New Year’s DayNational holidayTaiwan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayAmerican samoa
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayBrunei
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic Holidaycambodia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic Holidaycook island
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayFiji
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayFrench Polynesia
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGuam
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayKazakhistan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayKiribati
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayKyrgyzstan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayLaos
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayObligatory HolidayMacau
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayMaldives
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayMarshall Islands
1 JanFridayNew Year HolidayPublic HolidayMayanmar
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayMicronesia
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayMongolia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayNauru
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayNew Calodenia
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayNorth Korea
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayNorthern Marian Islands
1 JanSaturdayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayPalau
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayPapua New Geuinea
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic Holidaysamoa
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic Holidaysolomon islands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTajikisthan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayThailand
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTonga
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTurkeministhan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTuvalu
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayUzubekisthan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayVanautu
1 JanFridayInternational New Year’s DayNational holidayVietnam
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayWallis and Futuna
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayAnguila
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayAntigua and Barbuda
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayAruba
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayBarbados
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayBermuda
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayCayman Islands
1 JanFridayLiberation DayNational holidayCuba
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayCuracao
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayDominica
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayDominican Republic
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayFalkland Islands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayFrench Guiana
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGrenada
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayGuadelope
1 JanFridayNew Year’s Day/Independence DayNational/legal holidayHaiti
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayJamaica
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayMartinique
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayMontserrat
1 JanFridayNew Year’s EvePublic HolidayPuerto Rico
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidaySaint Kits And Nevis
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidaySaint Lucia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidaySaint Martin
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidaySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayTrinidad and Tobago
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayTurks and Caicos Islands
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayUS Virgin Islands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayAlbania
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayAndorra
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayaustria
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational HolidayBelarus
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayBosnia and Hergezovina
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayBulgaria
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidaycroatia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayCyprus
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidaydenmark
1 JanFridayBank HolidayBank Holidaydenmark
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayEstonia
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayFaroe Islands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayFinland
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayFrance
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayGibraitar
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayDe facto holidayGreece
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayGreenland
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayGuernsey
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayHungary
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayIceland
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayIsle Man
1 JanuaryFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayItaly
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic HolidayJersey
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayOfficial HolidayKosovo
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayLatvia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayLiechtenstein
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayLithuania
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayLuxemburg
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayMalta
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayMoldova
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayMonaco
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayMontengero
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayNetherlands
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayNorth Macedonia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayNorway
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayPoland
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayRomania
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayRussia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayPortuagal
1 JanFridayNew YearNational holidaySerbia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidaySlovenia
1 JanFridayRepublic DayNational holidaySlovakia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidaySpain
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidaySweden
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayCommon local holidaySwitzerland
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayUkraine
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayBank holidayUK
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayVatican City
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayArmenia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayAzerbaijan
1 JanFridayNew YearNational holidayBahrain
1 JanFridayJanuary 1 Bank HolidayBank HolidayEgypt
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayPublic holidayGeorgia
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayIraq
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayJordan
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayOfficial holidayKuwait
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayLebanon
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidayOman
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayBank holidayQatar
1 JanFridayNew YearPublic HolidaySyria
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayNational holidayUAE
2 JanSaturdayPublic Holiday (January)Public HolidayBotswana
2 JanSaturdayDay After New Year’s DayPublic Holidaycook island
2 JanSaturdayNew Year HolidayPublic holidayKazakhistan
2 JanSaturdayDay After New Year’s DayPublic Holidaysamoa
2 JanSaturdayNew Year DayNational holidayCuba
2 JanSaturdayHeroes’ Day/Ancestors’ DayNational/legal holidayHaiti
2 JanSaturdayCarnival DayPublic HolidaySaint Kits And Nevis
2 JanSaturdayNew Year holidayPublic HolidaySaint Lucia
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s Day (Day 2)National holidayAlbania
2 JanSaturdayNew Year HolidayNational HolidayBelarus
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s (Day 2)Public holidayBosnia and Hergezovina
2 JanSaturdaySecond Day of New YearOfficial HolidayKosovo
2 JanSaturdayBerchtold DayBank holidayLiechtenstein
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s Day HolidayNational holidayMontengero
2 JanSaturdayDay after New Year’s DayNational holidayRomania
2 JanSaturdaySecond Day of New YearNational holidaySerbia
2 JanSaturdayNew Year holidayNational holidaySlovenia
2 JanSaturdayReconquest DayProvincial HolidaySpain
2 JanSaturdayBerchtold DayCommon local holidaySwitzerland
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s Day (Day 2)National holidayArmenia
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s Day (day 2)Public holidayAzerbaijan
2 JanSaturdayNew Year’s (Day 2)Public holidayGeorgia
3 JanSundayBurkina Faso Popular Uprising DayPublic HolidayBurkina Faso
3 JanSundayNew Year’s Day (Day 3)National holidayArmenia
4 JanMondayDay after New Year’s DayNational holidayNew Zealand
4 JanMondayDay After New Year’s Day observedPublic Holidaycook island
4 JanMondayNew Year Holiday observedPublic holidayKazakhistan
4 JanMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayMayanmar
4 JanMondayDay off for Second Day of New YearOfficial HolidayKosovo
4 JanMondayNew Year HolidayNational holidayRussia
4 JanMonday2nd January (substitute day)Local Bank HolidayUK
4 JanMondayNew Year’s Day (Day 4)National holidayArmenia
4 JanMondayNew Year’s Day (day 2) observedPublic holidayAzerbaijan
5 JanTuesdayNew Year HolidayNational holidayRussia
5 JanTuesdayChristmas EveNational holidayArmenia
6 JanWednesdayThe Three Wise Men DayBank / working holidayUruguay
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayDominican Republic
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyPublic HolidayPuerto Rico
6 JanWednesdayThree Kings DayPublic HolidayUS Virgin Islands
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayAndorra
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayaustria
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidaycroatia
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayCyprus
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayFinland
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyDe facto holidayGreece
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyHalf DayGreenland
6 JanuaryWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayItaly
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayLiechtenstein
6 JanWednesdayOrthodox Christmas EveOptional HolidayNorth Macedonia
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayPoland
6 JanWednesdayNew Year HolidayNational holidayRussia
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidaySlovakia
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidaySpain
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyPublic holidaySweden
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyCommon local holidaySwitzerland
6 JanWednesdayEpiphanyNational holidayVatican City
6 JanWednesdayArmy DayNational holidayIraq
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayPublic HolidayEritrea
7 JanThursdayEthiopian Christmas DayPublic HolidayEthiopia
7 JanThursdayConstitution DayPublic HolidayGhana
7 JanThursdayCoptic ChristmasPublic HolidaySudan
7 JanThursdayCoptic Christmas DayNational holidayEgypt
7 JanThursdayVictory over Genocide DayPublic Holidaycambodia
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayPublic holidayKazakhistan
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayPublic HolidayKyrgyzstan
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayNational HolidayBelarus
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayOfficial HolidayKosovo
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayNational holiday, OrthodoxMoldova
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayNational holiday, OrthodoxNorth Macedonia
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayNational holiday, OrthodoxRussia
7 JanThursdayChristmas DayNational holiday, OrthodoxSerbia
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayNational holiday, OrthodoxUkraine
7 JanThursdayChristmas Remembrance DayNational holidayArmenia
7 JanThursdayCoptic Christmas DayNational holidayEgypt
7 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas DayPublic holidayGeorgia
7 JanThursdayOrthodox ChristmasPublic HolidayLebanon
8 JanFridayOrthodox Christmas Day holidayNational holiday, OrthodoxMoldova
8 JanFridayNew Year HolidayNational holidayRussia
9 JanSaturdayMartyr’s DayNational holidayPanama
9 JanSaturdayDay of the Republika SrpskaLocal holidayBosnia and Hergezovina
10 JanSundayVodoun FestivalPublic HolidayBenin
10 JanSundayMajority Rule DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
11 JanMondayAnniversary of the Independence ManifestoNational holidayMorocco
11 JanMondayEpiphanyNational holidayColombia
11 JanMondayComing of Age DayNational holidayJapan
11 JanMondayKosrae Constitution DayLocal holidayMicronesia
11 JanMondayMajority Rule Day observedPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
12 JanTuesdayBerber New YearPublic HolidayAlgeria
12 JanTuesdayZanzibar Revolution DayPublic HolidayTanzania
13 JanWednesdayDemocracy DayPublic HolidayCabo Verde
13 JanWednesdayConstitution DayObservanceMongolia
14 JanThursdayTamil Thai Pongal DayPublic HolidaySri Lanka
14 JanThursdayOrthodox New YearLocal holiday, OrthodoxBosnia and Hergezovina
15 Jan
16 Jan
17 JanSundayMartyrdom of FatimaNational holidayIran
18 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayPublic HolidayAmerican samoa
18 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayPublic HolidayGuam
18 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayPublic HolidayNorthern Marian Islands
18 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr DayBank/Public Sector HolidayPuerto Rico
18 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayPublic HolidayUS Virgin Islands
19 JanTuesdayTimketPublic HolidayEritrea
19 JanTuesdayEpiphany / TimkatPublic HolidayEthiopia
19 JanTuesdayEpiphany (Orthodox)Optional HolidayNorth Macedonia
19 JanTuesdayOrthodox EpiphanyPublic holidayGeorgia
20 JanWednesdayNational Heroes’ DayPublic HolidayCabo Verde
20 JanWednesdayHeroes DayPublic HolidayGuinea-Bissau
20 JanWednesdayMartyrs’ DayPublic holidayAzerbaijan
21 JanThursdayErrol Barrow DayPublic HolidayBarbados
21 JanThursdayOur Lady of AltagraciaNational holidayDominican Republic
22 JanFridayPlurinational State Foundation DayNational holidayBolivia
Jan 23SaturdayPublic HolidayRegional HolidayPhilippines
24 JanSundayUnification DayNational holidayRomania
25 JanMondayRevolution Day January 25National holidayEgypt
25 JanMondayWellington Anniversary DayLocal holidayNew Zealand
25 JanMondayBetico Croes’ BirthdayPublic HolidayAruba
25 JanMondayNational Heroes DayPublic HolidayCayman Islands
25 JanMondayDuarte’s DayNational holidayDominican Republic
25 JanMondayRevolution Day January 25National holidayEgypt
26 JanTuesdayLiberation DayPublic HolidayUganda
26 JanTuesdayAustralia DayNational HolidayAustralia
27 JanWednesdaySaint Dévote’s DayNational holidayMonaco
27 JanWednesdaySt Sava’s DayOptional HolidayNorth Macedonia
28 JanThursdayDuruthu Full Moon Poya DayPublic HolidaySri Lanka
28 JanThursdayArmy DayNational holidayArmenia
29 JanFridaySt. Valero’s FeastProvincial HolidaySpain
30 Jan
31 Jan
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