July Holidays 2023

July Holidays 2023 around the world. celebrate and plan your holidays. wish your family and friends.

1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidaySudan
1 JulSaturdayFreedom DayPublic HolidaySuriname
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha Day 3National holidayEgypt
1 JulSaturdayJuly 1 Bank HolidayBank HolidayEgypt
1 JulSaturdayRONPhos HandoverPublic HolidayNauru
1 JulSaturdayTerritory DayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha HolidayNational holidayBahrain
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayIraq
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayJordan
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha holidayOfficial holidayKuwait
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic HolidayOman
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic holidayQatar
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha HolidayNational holidaySaudi Arabia
1 JulSaturdayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidayYemen
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidaySudan
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha Day 4Bank HolidayEgypt
2 JulSundayFlag DayPublic HolidayCuracao
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayIraq
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayJordan
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic HolidayOman
2 JulSundayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidayYemen
3 JulMondayFeast of Saint Peter and Saint PaulNational holidayColombia
3 JulMondayCARICOM DayPublic HolidayGuyana
3 JulMondayDay off for RONPhos HandoverPublic HolidayNauru
3 JulMondayConstitution DayPublic HolidayCayman Islands
3 JulMondayCarnival MondayPublic HolidaySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
3 JulMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayUS Virgin Islands
3 JulMondayIndependence Day of the Republic of BelarusNational HolidayBelarus
3 JulMondayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayJordan
4 JulTuesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayAmerican samoa
4 JulTuesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayGuam
4 JulTuesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayNorthern Marian Islands
4 JulTuesdayBirthday of His Majesty King Tupou VIPublic HolidayTonga
4 JulTuesdayUS Independence DayBank/Public Sector HolidayPuerto Rico
4 JulTuesdayCarnival TuesdayPublic HolidaySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
4 JulTuesdaySt. Elizabeth’s DayMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
5 JulWednesdayTynwald DayPublic HolidayIsle Man
5 JulWednesdaySt. Cyril & St. Methodius DayNational holidaySlovakia
5 JulWednesdayConstitution DayNational holidayArmenia
6 JulThursdayNational DayPublic HolidayComoros
6 JulThursdayDay of the CapitalPublic holidayKazakhistan
6 JulThursdayKing Mindaugas’ Coronation DayNational holidayLithuania
7 JulFridaySaba SabaPublic HolidayTanzania
7 JulFridayFishermen’s DayPublic HolidayMarshall Islands
7 JulFridayIndependence DayPublic Holidaysolomon islands
7 JulFridayEid-e-GhadirNational holidayIran
08 Jul
9 JulSundayIndependence dayNational holidayargentina
9 JulSundayConstitution DayPublic HolidayPalau
10 JulMondayPolitical Flag DayObservanceMongolia
10 JulMondayDay off for Constitution DayPublic HolidayPalau
10 JulMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
11 JulTuesdayIndependence Day holidayPublic HolidayKiribati
11 JulTuesdayNaadam Holiday (National Day)Public HolidayMongolia
11 JulTuesdayDay of the Flemish CommunityRegional government holidayBelgium
12 JulWednesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayKiribati
12 JulWednesdayNaadam Holiday (National Day)Public HolidayMongolia
12 JulWednesdayBattle of the BoyneLocal Bank HolidayUK
13 JulThursdayNaadam Holiday (National Day)Public HolidayMongolia
13 JulThursdayStatehood DayNational holidayMontengero
14 JulFridayFrench National DayPublic HolidayFrench Polynesia
14 JulFridayNaadam Holiday (National Day)Public HolidayMongolia
14 JulFridayFrench National DayPublic HolidayNew Calodenia
14 JulFridayBastille DayPublic HolidayWallis and Futuna
14 JulFridayFrench National DayPublic HolidayFrench Guiana
14 JulFridayBastille DayPublic HolidayGuadelope
14 JulFridayBastille DayPublic HolidayMartinique
14 JulFridayFrench National DayPublic HolidaySaint Martin
14 JulFridayBastille DayNational holidayFrance
14 JulFridayStatehood Day HolidayNational holidayMontengero
14 JulFridayRepublic DayNational holidayIraq
15 JulSaturdaySultan’s BirthdayPublic HolidayBrunei
15 JulSaturdayNaadam Holiday (National Day)Public HolidayMongolia
16 JulSundayOur Lady of Mount CarmelNational holidayChile
16 JulSundayManu’a Cession DayPublic HolidayAmerican samoa
17 JulMondayKing’s BirthdayPublic HolidayLesotho
18 JulTuesdayConstitution DayNational holidayUruguay
19 JulWednesdayMuharramPublic HolidayComoros
19 JulWednesdayMuharramPublic HolidayDjibouti
19 JulWednesdayHijra New YearNational holidayMorocco
19 JulWednesdayAl-HijraLocal holidayNigeria
19 JulWednesdayMuharramPublic HolidaySudan
19 JulWednesdayThe Sandinista Revolution DayNational holidayNicaragua
19 JulWednesdayMuharramNational holidayEgypt
19 JulWednesdayMuharram/Islamic New YearPublic HolidayBrunei
19 JulWednesdayMuharram/Islamic New YearPublic HolidayMaldives
19 JulWednesdayMartyrs’ DayPublic HolidayMayanmar
19 JulWednesdayMuharramNational holidayBahrain
19 JulWednesdayIslamic New YearNational holidayIraq
19 JulWednesdayMuharram/New YearNational holidayJordan
19 JulWednesdayIslamic New YearOfficial holidayKuwait
19 JulWednesdayMuharramPublic HolidayLebanon
19 JulWednesdayMuharramPublic HolidayYemen
20 JulThursdayIndependence DayNational holidayColombia
20 JulThursdayRennell and Bellona Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
21 JulFridayLiberation DayPublic HolidayGuam
21 JulFridayBelgian National DayNational holidayBelgium
22 Jul
23 JulSundayRevolution Day July 23National holidayEgypt
23 JulSundayNational Remembrance DayPublic HolidayPapua New Geuinea
23 JulSundayRenaissance DayPublic HolidayOman
24 JulMondayChildren’s DayPublic HolidayVanautu
25 JulTuesdayAnnexation of GuanacasteNational holidayCosta Rica
25 JulTuesdayRevolution AnniversaryNational holidayCuba
25 JulTuesdayFeast of Saint James the ApostleAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
26 JulWednesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayMaldives
26 JulWednesdayDay of the RebellionNational holidayCuba
27 JulThursdayIndependence Day HolidayPublic HolidayMaldives
27 JulThursdayDay of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation WarPublic HolidayNorth Korea
27 JulThursdayRevolution Anniversary CelebrationNational holidayCuba
27 JulThursdayTassouaNational holidayIran
28 JulFridayAshuraPublic HolidayGambia
28 JulFridayIndependence DayNational holidayPeru
28 JulFridayKing Vajiralongkorn’s BirthdayNational holidayThailand
28 JulFridaySt. Olav’s EveHalf-dayFaroe Islands
28 JulFridayDay of the InstitutionsAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
28 JulFridayAshooraNational holidayBahrain
28 JulFridayAshuraNational holidayIran
28 JulFridayAshuraNational holidayIraq
28 JulFridayAshouraPublic HolidayLebanon
29 JulSaturdayIndependence Day (day 2)National holidayPeru
29 JulSaturdayTerritory DayPublic HolidayWallis and Futuna
29 JulSaturdaySt. Olav’s Day (National Day)Public HolidayFaroe Islands
29 JulSaturdayAshoora (second day)National holidayBahrain
30 JulSundayFeast of the ThroneNational holidayMorocco
30 JulSundayIndependence DayPublic HolidayVanautu
31 JulMondayDay off for Independence DayPublic HolidayVanautu
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