June Holidays 2023

June Holidays 2023 around the world. celebrate and plan your holidays. wish your family and friends.

1 JunThursdayMadaraka DayPublic holidayKenya
1 JunThursdayChildren’s DayPublic HolidayMongolia
1 JunThursdayPresident’s DayPublic HolidayPalau
1 JunThursdayIndependence DayPublic Holidaysamoa
2 JunFridayYouth DayPublic HolidayMarshall Islands
2 JunFridayIsabel Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
2 JunFridayRandol Fawkes Labour DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
2 JuneFridayRepublic DayNational holidayItaly
3 JunSaturdayMartyr’s DayPublic HolidayUganda
3 JunSaturdayQueen Suthida’s BirthdayNational holidayThailand
4 JunSundayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayTonga
5 JunMondayPresident’s DayNational holidayEquatorial Guinea
5 JunMondayQueen’s BirthdayPublic Holidaycook island
5 JunMondayQueen Suthida’s Birthday observedNational holidayThailand
5 JunMondayDay off for Emancipation DayPublic HolidayTonga
5 JunMondayConstitution DayPrivate Sector Holidaydenmark
5 JunMondayConstitution DayHalf-dayFaroe Islands
5 JunMondayOrthodox Holy Spirit MondayDe facto holidayGreece
5 JunMondayJune Bank HolidayNational holidayIreland
6 JunTuesdayChosun Children’s Union Foundation DayPublic HolidayNorth Korea
6 JunTuesdayNational dayPublic holidaySweden
7 JunWednesdaySette GiugnoNational holidayMalta
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holiday, ChristianEquatorial Guinea
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayBolivia
8 JunThursdayTemotu Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayDominican Republic
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiPublic HolidayGrenada
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiLocal holidayHaiti
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiPublic HolidaySaint Lucia
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiPublic holidayTrinidad and Tobago
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayaustria
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidaycroatia
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayLiechtenstein
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayMonaco
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayPoland
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holidayPortuagal
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
8 JunThursdayCorpus ChristiCommon local holidaySwitzerland
8 JunThursdayCorpus DominiNational holidayVatican City
9 JunFridayNational Heroes DayPublic HolidayUganda
9 JunFridayDay off for Queen’s Official BirthdayPublic Holidaysolomon islands
9 JunFridayT. T. Bank HolidayPublic HolidayIsle Man
9 JunFridayDay of MurciaAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
9 JunFridayDay of La RiojaAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
10 JunSaturdayQueen’s BirthdayPublic HolidayTuvalu
10 JunSaturdaySovereign’s BirthdayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
10 JunSaturdayAbolition DayPublic HolidayFrench Guiana
10 JunSaturdayPortugal DayNational holidayPortuagal
11 Jun
12 JunMondayDemocracy DayPublic HolidayNigeria
12 JunMondayCorpus ChristiNational holidayColombia
12 JunMondayChaco ArmisticeNational holidayParaguay
12 JunMondayQueen’s BirthdayPublic HolidayPapua New Geuinea
12 JunMondaySovereign’s BirthdayPublic HolidayAnguila
12 JunMondayQueen’s Birthday CelebrationPublic HolidayMontserrat
12 JunMondayQueen’s BirthdayPublic HolidayTurks and Caicos Islands
13 JunTuesdaySt. Anthony’s DayMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
13 JunTuesdaySan AntonioAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
14 JunWednesdayLiberation DayPublic HolidayFalkland Islands
15 Jun
16 JunFridayYouth DayPublic HolidaySouth Africa
17 JunSaturdayCommemoration of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemesargentina
17 JunSaturdayFathers’ DayNational holidayEl Salvador
17 JunSaturdayIcelandic Republic DayNational holidayIceland
18 JunSundayFathers’ DayPublic HolidayPuerto Rico
19 JunMondaySacred HeartNational holidayColombia
19 JunMondayJosé Artigas’ Birthday MemorialBank / working holidayUruguay
19 JunMondayNational Heroes DayPublic HolidayBermuda
19 JunMondayQueen’s BirthdayPublic HolidayCayman Islands
19 JunMondayLabour DayPublic holidayTrinidad and Tobago
19 JunMondayQueen’s BirthdayPublic HolidayGibraitar
20 JunTuesdayMartyrs’ DayPublic HolidayEritrea
20 JunTuesdayFlag DayNational holidayargentina
21 JunWednesdayAymara New Year DayNational holidayBolivia
21 JunWednesdayNational DayPublic HolidayGreenland
22 JunThursdayDragon Boat FestivalPublic HolidayMacau
22 JunThursdayDay of Antifascist StruggleNational holidaycroatia
23 JunFridayVictory DayNational holidayEstonia
23 JunFridayMidsummer EveDe facto holidayFinland
23 JunFridayMidsummer EveNational holidayLatvia
23 JunFridayNational DayNational holidayLuxemburg
23 JunFridayJura Independence DayCommon local holidaySwitzerland
24 JunSaturdayMidsummer DayNational holidayEstonia
24 JunSaturdayMidsummerNational holidayFinland
24 JuneSaturdayThe Feast of St. John (Florence, Genoa, Turin)Local holidayItaly
24 JunSaturdayMidsummer DayNational holidayLatvia
24 JunSaturdaySt John’s Day/Day of DewNational holidayLithuania
24 JunSaturdaySt. John’s DayMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
24 JunSaturdaySaint John the Baptist DayAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
24 JunSaturdayMidsummer DayPublic holidaySweden
25 JunSundayIndependence DayPublic HolidayMozambique
25 JunSundayIndependence DayObservancecroatia
25 JunSundayStatehood DayNational holidaySlovenia
26 JunMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayMadagascar
26 JunMondayIndependence Day observedPublic HolidayMozambique
26 JunMondaySaint Peter and Saint PaulNational holidayChile
27 JunTuesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayDjibouti
27 JunTuesdayDay of National UnityPublic HolidayTajikisthan
28 JunWednesdayArafat DayPublic HolidayDjibouti
28 JunWednesdayIndependence Day HolidayPublic HolidayDjibouti
28 JunWednesdayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidaySudan
28 JunWednesdayArafat DayNational holidayEgypt
28 JunWednesdayHajj DayPublic HolidayMaldives
28 JunWednesdayArafat DayGovernment holidayBahrain
28 JunWednesdayWaqfat Arafat DayOfficial holidayKuwait
28 JunWednesdayArafat DayNational holidaySaudi Arabia
28 JunWednesdayEid al-Adha EvePublic HolidayYemen
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayChad
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayComoros
29 JunThursdayAid el-KebirPublic HolidayCôte d’Ivoire
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayDjibouti
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayEritrea
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayGabon
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayGambia
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayEthiopia
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayGhana
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayGuinea-Bissau
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidayMorocco
29 JunThursdayId el KabirPublic HolidayNigeria
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidaySudan
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidaySaudi Arabia
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayTanzania
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayUganda
29 JunThursdayEid ul AdhaPublic HolidayGuyana
29 JunThursdaySt Peter and St PaulNational holidayPeru
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidaySuriname
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidayEgypt
29 JunThursdayEid ul AdhaPublic HolidayBrunei
29 JunThursdayAutonomy DayPublic HolidayFrench Polynesia
29 JunThursdayKurban AitPublic holidayKazakhistan
29 JunThursdayKurman AitPublic HolidayKyrgyzstan
29 JunThursdayEid ul AdhaPublic HolidayMaldives
29 JunThursdayCentral Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
29 JunThursdayEid ul AdhaPublic HolidayTajikisthan
29 JunThursdayKurban BayramyPublic HolidayTurkeministhan
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayUzubekisthan
29 JunThursdayFeast of the SacrificeNational holidayAlbania
29 JuneThursdayThe Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul (Rome)Local holidayItaly
29 JunThursdayKurban BayramiOfficial HolidayKosovo
29 JunThursdayFeast of Saints Peter and PaulPublic holidayMalta
29 JunThursdaySt. Peter’s DayMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
29 JunThursdaySt. Peter and St. PaulCommon local holidaySwitzerland
29 JunThursdayThe Feasts of Saints Peter and PaulNational holidayVatican City
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidayBahrain
29 JunThursdayEid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice)National holidayIran
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidayIraq
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaNational holidayJordan
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaOfficial holidayKuwait
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayLebanon
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayOman
29 JunThursdayEid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)Public holidayQatar
29 JunThursdayEid al-AdhaPublic HolidayYemen
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic HolidayComoros
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic HolidayDjibouti
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayMorocco
30 JunFridayId el Kabir additional holidayPublic HolidayNigeria
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidaySudan
30 JunFridayRevolution DayPublic HolidaySudan
30 JunFridayArmy DayNational holidayGuatemala
30 JunFridayJune 30 RevolutionNational holidayEgypt
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha Day 2National holidayEgypt
30 JunFridayTerritory Day observedPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayNational holidayBahrain
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayIraq
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayNational holidayJordan
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayOfficial holidayKuwait
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidayLebanon
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic HolidayOman
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayPublic holidayQatar
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha HolidayNational holidaySaudi Arabia
30 JunFridayEid al-Adha holidayPublic HolidayYemen
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