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On April 28th, 2021 it’s time to pucker your lips and start kissing because it’s kiss your Mate day! The inventor of this day of action is unknown, but his intention is all the more clear: On kiss your partner day, everyone who has a partner should kiss him. A kiss has social and cultural meanings that differ depending on the culture. In Germany, kisses are mainly exchanged between people who are close and who like each other. Kiss your partner day is about the kiss between two lovers. This can be loving, tender or erotic and affect different parts of the body.

The kiss between partners is often accompanied by a hug or other loving touch. It is an expression of deep affection, appreciation and sometimes sexual desire. Kiss Your Partner Day takes place in spring – traditionally the time of year when hormones awaken and it is fun to fall in love. The fact that people kiss at all can probably be explained biologically: the sense of taste and smell as well as the many nerve endings in the lips and face were used to recognize conspecifics in the past. Animals also approach face-to-face and brush each other to express community.

In a love affair, French kisses are usually exchanged. These are much more intimate and mostly have an erotic and sexual character. Not only do the lips touch, but also the tongues of the two kissing partners. In this way, you can even burn a few extra calories on kiss-your-partner-day. 29 facial muscles are involved in an intense kiss, happiness hormones are released and the increased blood pressure and heart rate strengthen the immune system. So intense kissing is healthy!

A friendly kiss is free from sexual feelings and is exchanged between friends. Usually this is a kiss on the other person’s cheek or mouth. Such kisses are also common between children and their parents, siblings or other relatives. For some people, such a kiss is also part of a greeting and farewell ritual. Kisses of reverence, such as the hand kiss, are no longer widespread in German culture. If you don’t have a partner, you can switch to one of the other types of kisses on Kiss Your Partner Day and, for example, give nostalgic hand kisses.

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When is the kiss your mate day?

Wednesday April 28, 2021

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