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Kodomo no Hi (“Children’s Day”) is a Japanese holiday that takes place on May 5th during Golden Week. It is a day when the personality of the children is to be respected and their joy is to be celebrated.

On this day the families hoist the Koi Nobori (“carp flag”): a big black one for the father, a red one for the mother, a blue one for each boy (or child). The carp, which can be rotated in the wind like a weather vane, also pay tribute to the boy’s desire for strength, who like carp has to swim against the current. There is also a doll of Kintaro riding a large carp and the traditional Japanese military helmet Kabuto on display. Kintaro is the childhood name of Sakata no Kintoki, a hero of the Heian period and subordinate of Minamoto no Raiko, who was famous for his strength as a child.

Traditionally, Kashiwa-Mochi, rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves (kashiwa), and Chimaki are eaten on this day.

Where’s Kodomo no Hi?


When is Kodomo no Hi?

Wednesday May 5, 2021

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