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In the calendar of curious public holidays from all over the world since 1998, May 9th has been dominated by one of the unsolved everyday mysteries. Because this date is celebrated in many countries as an international lost sock day (Lost Sock Memorial Day). Reason enough to shed some light on the history of this truly bizarre occasion as part of the curious World Days. What is it about?

Who started the international Lost Sock Memorial Day?

Anyone who owns a washing machine should be familiar with the phenomenon: socks and stockings seem to disappear from time to time into the laundry without a trace and despite an intensive search they remain lost.

And against this background, two English women have decided to act: If you can believe the rather satirical web portal Stupidedia – which not without reason has the addition: Encyclopedia without meaning – this curious day of remembrance for the lost socks goes back to two British housewives from Manchester.

Cozy Sox and Fanny Day are said to have decided on May 9, 1998, to set an example against the disappearance of socks and launched Lost Socks Memorial Day. As a sign of their resistance/protest, Sox and Day wore different single socks every year on May 9th. To what extent this decision of no-socks-day (No Socks Day) has played a role on May 8, however, I could not figure out the research for the present paper in the course.

Why do lost socks deserve their own memorial day?

This international holiday should primarily be about commemorating the many separate pairs of socks in this world and giving them the honor they deserve. More specifically, the lost during washing socks and lodge their useless at once partners (see also the contributions to the US Day of nylon stockings (National Nylon Stocking Day) on May 15 and the day of the sock (National Sock Day) on December 4th). At the same time, an indictment against the washing machines of the world. 😉

In the meantime, this day of the lost sock is celebrated worldwide and even if his followers recommend with a certain fatalism to simply dispose of the orphaned sock copies, since the return of the lost counterpart seems relatively unlikely, the critical impetus of the sock day also has nothing changed today. Accordingly, there is another quote from the encyclopedia without meaning:

The day of remembrance also gives an opportunity to protest. It is an accusation against the advancing mechanization of our environment, against the abolition of traditional values, such as a conscientious person in the household who takes care of the laundry and also the food, does the shopping and cleans the booth. Be it the mom, the wife, the husband or the lazy brat who shouldn’t hang out at school all day when the housework is piling up at home and the stocks of drinks are running low.
(Source: Stupidedia – Day of the Lost Sock – see list of related links below)

And who is able to do with lost socks of you or wears no stockings, who / which may May 9 alternatively as Foodie Day (National Foodies Day) or overlooking the small Brazilian village Esperantina as a day of orgasm celebrate. Or combine all occasions with one another. 😉

With this in mind: Honor or remember your lost socks and have a relaxed Lost Socks Memorial Day.

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