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Beware of wrinkles. The May 3 to celebrate the United States as their national day of carpet fold ( Lumpy Rug Day – sometimes: National Lumpy Rug Day). This article examines what this strange-sounding event from the United States is all about and why this special day for carpet pleats deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world . What is it about?

Who started Lumpy Rug Day?

Let’s start with the Lumpy Rug Day backgrounds first. While many of the common sources on the subject of curious world days insist that the origins are completely in the dark, the international standard work Chase’s Calendar of Events provides in one of its older editions a specific reference to US patent office librarian Robert L. Birch (1925-2005).

Attentive readers of the curious holidays will of course immediately listen carefully to this name. Because in addition to today’s Lumpy Rug Day should Birch including the day of trivial knowledge (Engl. National Trivia Day) on January 4, the Swap Ideas-of-day (Engl. National Swap Ideas Day) on September 10 and the No L Day or A’Phabet Day (dt. The day without L ) on December 25th. And who would want to contradict this international reference (see also the list of further links below).

Why does Lumpy Rug Day fall on May 3rd?

In contrast, it is not entirely clear why Birch – or whoever ultimately initiated this curious holiday for carpet folding – decided on today’s May 3rd.

Whether it’s here include relevant content for today also committed in the United States carry two different colored shoes Day (National Two Different Colored Shoes Day), the day the Garden Meditation (Garden Meditation Day), the day of the supernatural (National Paranormal day) or the International day of the forest kindergarten (Global day of forest kindergarten) and the International day of the sun there, I could not figure out while researching however.

What does Carpet Fold Day actually celebrate?

Strictly speaking, this day of honor for the carpet fold is not a holiday for but rather against the folds in the carpet. Both literally and figuratively. Accordingly, the following readings are suitable for today’s May 3rd:

You take the problem of carpet creases literally and take action against possible creases in your carpet. The time of course also fits perfectly with the season and the upcoming spring cleaning.
In a figurative sense, this day of carpet creasing alludes to the fact that problems that have been swept under the carpet also produce creases in the same. You can also dispose of that today or buy a larger carpet. 😉

With this in mind: be careful with carpet folds.

May 3 National Days

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