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Are you in love and want to tell your sweetheart how much he means to you? That you think about him all the time and miss him a lot when he’s not around? Or explain to your BFF how much you love them? Are you missing the right words somehow? Here comes beautiful, romantic poetry. The most beautiful love poems and quotes that ever existed.

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The most beautiful love poems

There are always
love poems like sand on the sea,
but none expresses it so much
what I hold for you,
and that as long as I still live!
So I have to write you one myself,
I also try not to exaggerate
to tell you what you are to me,
so that you never forget it!
For me you are the greatest hero,
the most beautiful man in this world!
I want to be with you forever
and never feel alone again!

The most beautiful love poems - There are always - Wishesdb
The most beautiful love poems – There are always

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Your voice

I have never heard your voice,
what does it sound like
when it swears eternal love?
What does it look like, your face, your smile,
when your eyes speak of tenderness?
I would love to know everything about you
and kiss your lips lovingly,
which always make me dream.
What would your voice sound like then?

The most beautiful love poems - Your voice - Wishesdb

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Tears that say

Tears that say
I can’t go on
Tears that say
I don’t want to anymore
Tears that say goodbye.
But look at them,
there are also tears that say:
I need you !!

The most beautiful love poems - Tears that say - Wishesdb
The most beautiful love poems – Tears that say

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One finds love,

if you are not looking for her.
She has
cursed some with her charm.
As much as I was careful,
her curse hit me too
he chose you as the target of my love.

The most beautiful love poems - One finds love - Wishesdb

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Our love game

With a suitcase without money,
I would like to go around the world with you,
build a new future for us,
and let our love run wild,
play, eat, drink
and then get engaged.
In a quiet, beautiful place,
we then say yes.
We will have children later
and love them as we do ourselves.
The goal is to
grow old together, let it begin, our love game!

The most beautiful love poems - Our love game - Wishesdb

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Search for love

For whom are you important, for whom do you mean what?
In really hard times you can see that.
You see all the lies, but also those people
who care about you and who fight for you.
It is often not easy to find the truth
when hope and strength slowly fade over time.
But do not stop looking for love at any time!
Because my love for you is forever.

The most beautiful love poems - Search for love - Wishesdb

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How true love is!

When there is a person
who takes you as you are
and is always tender to you,
who does not disturb other thinking and also likes to hear your opinion,
who respects and understands you and goes all ways with you,
who is always sincere without lies or cunning and is honest with you,
who builds the good in you and trusts you limitlessly,
who rushes to you with his grief and shares your worries with you,
are you sad or upset,
who then takes you in his arms, who takes
care of it Glad to see you again and never regret to love
you, he is your true friend for you, so never let him down.

The most beautiful love poems - How true love is - Wishesdb

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I’m sitting here …

I’m sitting here,
looking out the window,
the sun is laughing.
I hope
it also shines
where you are.

The most beautiful love poems - I'm sitting here … - Wishesdb
The most beautiful love poems – I’m sitting here …

Every ray should be
a touch
of mine for
you, show you
how much I love you.

I’m sitting here
at the open window,
the birds are singing,
the longing for you grows.
Wherever you are now,
at this moment,
I wish with all my heart
that they sing my love song
to you, written just for you
to show
how much I love you.
I sit here by the window
and see the sea shimmer.
Far out there is a boat
Wish I could fly
and the boat would
carry me to you.

My angel I love you
and I miss you.
Every day without you is
a lost day.
Thank you for your love.
You are the best in my life
my frame,
my diamond in the rough …
I love you.

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

It is probably indescribable,
this feeling that I feel for YOU.
This feeling is incredibly intense.
I’ve never
felt such a strong feeling , it’s just wonderful!
YOUR voice is so tender,
it has a calming effect on me.
YOU totally fascinate me !!
It is as if I am floating in the 7th heaven,
YOU give me security.
I feel like a part of YOU,
it’s like we’re made for each other
But it seems like everything is just
a beautiful dream …

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸
Because I love you

Because I love you, I came
to you at night so wild and whispered,
And that you can never forget me,
I took your soul with me .
She is now with me and belongs entirely to me in
good and also in bad;
From my wild, burning love
no angel can deliver you.
(Hermann Hesse)

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸
You and me

I look into your eyes
and can’t believe it.
What I can see there surrounds me like a spell.
They look like stars,
up close and from a distance.
They are so beautiful and flatter me, just as mine is you.
Your eyes are beautiful blue
and your hands are slightly rough.
Your gaze, however, is very soft
and I instantly melt with him.
So there are many things that
I like about you.
That make me happy
every day
I love you
and you love me too
You know I like you
And I know that I need you.
I would do for almost anything.
The main thing is you can laugh about it.
Not bad and not mean
That’s how I want it to be.

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

With you

Laugh with you with you
and see spring.
Talk to you
and walk a bit together.
Hope with you
our time never goes by.
Knowing with you
there is only us and we are free.
Waiting with you for
the end of our night
Love with you
until the feeling makes us dizzy.
Live with you
for every moment.
Only with you.

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

How did I have

How did I survive the long time
without you, far and wide,
without major wounds,
weeks, days and even hours?
It wasn’t easy for me alone,
all the time, always without you!
But the time has finally come,
you’re back and the two of us!
Since you’ve been with me again,
my life is no longer so dreary!
I hope you will stay with me forever now,
I promise you, I will be with you too!

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

That is love

Do you know what is called love
Do you know what it is like when someone gives their heart away?
Do you know what it’s like to really like someone?
And missed, day after day?
Do you know what it is like to long for a kiss?
and only have to think of the one?
I now know what is called love,
because I gave my heart to you.
You’re the one I really like.
I miss you every day!
How often do I long for your kiss?
You are the one I have to think about all the time!
¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

My eternal light

You are my light that shines forever,
a person who laughs and cries with me.
In light as in dark times
I would like to accompany you always and faithfully.
I can only understand love
since we walk the path together.
I’ll never leave you alone anymore,
because I don’t want to be without you …
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

The flower of love

The flower of love has always been the rose.
Despite her thorns, she is loved.
Like the thorns of the rose at times
, love can be painful.
And yet – how nice that it exists.
(Anita Menger)

¸. • * (¸. • * ´ ♥ * • .¸) * • .¸

Good night

Good night, my little star,
I love you, I like you,
I dream about you all night
and wish you were with me.

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