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Mother’s Day is a very special day for every mom and her children. This event is often used as an opportunity to consciously say thank you to the mother, the small and large children often express their love in the form of poems or Quotes. The following texts can be used as templates for Mother’s Day Quotes for mom, they also want to stimulate your own creativity.

The most beautiful Mother’s Day sayings for all mothers

“For Mother’s Day I’ll give you
lots of beautiful things that you like.
A shining, bright star
to tell you I love you.
A colorful bouquet of flowers,
time to talk and dream too.
I wish you are happy
and that you do not miss anything that day.”

“Carry your mother in her arms when her legs fail, she carried you in her lap when you didn’t have one.” -Friedrich Hebbel

“Thank you for thinking of me,
you gave me life.
Because you said yes to me,
mom, I thank you for that!”

“When I laugh, you are there.
When I cry, you are there.
In joy and sorrow,
you are close to me.
Thanks for letting me share everything with you.”

“Today you will get a colorful bouquet:
a red flower for your love.
A blue one for the security you give.
A yellow one, for joy.
A white one, for your understanding, your forgiveness, your forgiveness.
Thank you mom for everything!”

Short and concise Mother’s day quotes for mom

“For Mother’s Day I tell you today,
thank you mom that I have you.”

“Mom, I love you,
it’s nice that you exist!”

“Mother love never ages.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,
I write you today
how much I love you!”

“Thank you mom
that you exist!
I tell you
I love you!”

“Mom, today is Mother’s Day,
do you actually know
how much I love you?”

“You are the best mommy in the world,
for us you are a real hero.
You are always there for us,
every day, all year round.
We thank mom for that,
and we congratulate you!”

“We wish you a
lot of joy, health and happiness on Mother’s Day,
together we look back
on the past childhood days.
Thank you for existing!”

“For Mother’s Day we wish God’s blessings,
His protection accompanies you on all your ways.”

“Today is your special day,
stay the way you are,
feel hugged and kissed!”

Thank you for Mother’s Day

“Thank you mom
all the time you have
given and dedicated to us over the years.”

“Thank you, for everything
you have done and still do,
thank you, for your love and security.”

“On Mother’s Day we want to say thank
you for always having an open ear,
a shoulder to lean on,
arms wide open for a loving hug,
and a big heart full of love.”

“The connection between mother and child is a special unity of love. Thank you mom that you are there for me all my life and that you give me your love.”

“Everything I am or what I hope to ever become, I owe to my mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

“As the saying goes: “Where your treasure is, your heart be also.
Your heart always beats for us.
Thank you mom for your heartbeat.”

“Thank you mom,
for every smile in the morning,
for every loving word,
for every tender affection,
for every tear you dry,
for every delicious meal,
for every exciting adventure with you,
for every bedtime story you read,
for every new experience that I was allowed to make by your side.”

Mother’s day Quotes to think about

“For today’s Mother’s Day I would like to say thank you for saying yes and giving me life.”

“Your little mother patiently carries so many burdens for you. So keep it dear and worth while you still have it.” – Adelbert von Chamisso

I am still unborn,
but I live, feel, and my heart beats.
When I am born, I
want to put myself in your arms and
feel your closeness.
Even if I can’t speak yet,
I’ll tell you in my own way:
Mom, I love you!”

“I am still a small point,
but I am growing and have a strong will to live.
Even when I’m still little, life is already inside of me.
Thank you for carrying me and letting me grow in you.
Thank you for being my mom
Thank you mom for letting me live.”

“Mama …
a little word, but a big world for me.
Mama stands for unconditional love and infinite tenderness,
for security, understanding and peace.
Mama, you are all of that to me.”

Mother’s Day Quotes suitable for Greeting cards

“For the best mum in the world
Mom, you are wonderful,
day after day and year after year,
you are always there for us.
Today we thank you for that
and we congratulate you!
Best wishes for Mother’s Day! Feel warmly hugged by your kids!”

“With a childhood full of love, one can endure the cold world for half a lifetime.” – Jean Paul

Dearest Mommy,

For Mother’s Day I wish you health, joy and happiness. May heaven reward you for your tireless efforts. I wish you God’s and Mary’s protection and blessings!

I love you very much!
Yours (…)

Dear mum,

Today is your day!
Feel lovingly hugged and pressed!
All the best for Mother’s Day, combined with a big thank you for your love and understanding!

Kind regards, your (…)

To you

Thank you for existing!
Thank you for always having an encouraging word, a loving smile and a solution to every problem.
I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day and I am very much looking forward to your visit!

In love your (…)

For my mother,

Since I was born
you have held me in your hand.
Lovingly, tenderly and with a lot of patience,
you accompanied me through my childhood.
Now I’m mom myself,
and it’s wonderful
to share this experience with you.
Mama I Love You!

Yours (…)

Funny Mother’s day quotes for mom

“Mom, you are a real power woman.
Household, children and job,
nobody will imitate you so quickly.
It’s unbelievable how you can do it all with ease.
Thank you mom for your energy and tireless commitment!”

“Mom, you are really awesome!
Chaos is normal for you.
There is nothing that easily scares you
, we discovered a lot with you.
There is always something going on with you,
as a mom you are really great.
We wish
you all the best and we congratulate you!”

“My mom got in a lot of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” – Mark Twain

“The whole year is Children’s Day,
today is Mother’s Day.
Today we are there for you
and we shout out loud hurray!
It’s great that you are our mom,
feel hugged and kissed dearly!”

“Today we let it rip,
because there are so many things that
are meant for you today.
Yes you are the best mom,
you look good in
your pajamas too, mom, you are really a hit.
And in a wonderful way,
we will send a surprise on your journey that will sweeten your day.
Mom, today is your day!”

“Dear mom,
today is the day
when I’ll show you
how much I love you.
Colorful flowers,
delicious cake,
a surprise,
still to look for.
Mom, today is your day,
you are the best that I have.”

“Mom, you are really great: You are up
for any fun,
do so many cool things with us.
There is always something new to discover with you, exciting adventures to experience and you can also spend cozy hours with you. Thank you mom for everything you do for and with us. Stay as creative and resourceful as you are!”

Mother’s Day Quotes for deceased mothers

“May the Lord in heaven reward and reward you for everything you have done for us in your earthly life. Mommy, you are missing!”

“Mother’s love, you are called the highest of life! So everyone, no matter how quickly they die, still gets their best!” – Friedrich Hebbel

“You live on in our hearts,
if you are no longer there physically,
you are
close to us in a different way, mentally and in heart.”

“You are no longer here with me,
but mom, I say thank you
for the many, long years that
you have been by my side.”

“Love is the bond that
is stronger than death.
In my heart you are always with me.”

Mummy, I just like to say “I love you”.
Thanks for all the love you share with me.

“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” – Erich Fromm

“Mum, today it’s your day!
Stay healthy and happy, may God bless you with his love! Feel deeply embraced!”

“Today is a special day:
It’s Mothersday!
Time to say thankx for everything,
you do for us. Mum, you are the best Mummy of the world! We all love you so much! Kisses (…)”

“The power of love is the most powerful thing in the world. Love gives life and overcomes everything!”

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