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National Aperitif Day: Since 2012, the United States celebrate the third Thursday in May as a national day of aperitifs as well. National Aperitif Day. In 2021 this Drink Holiday falls on May 20th . Cheers. Reason enough to tell the story of this event with this article from the calendar of curious holidays from around the world . What is it about?

Who started National Aperitif Day?

The National Aperitif Day is an invention of the French spirits manufacturer Lillet in 2012. Initially established as a marketing campaign for the US market, the company decided to start Aperitif Day in Great Britain in 2013 (see also the list of related links below). In contrast to many other contributions from the calendar of the alcohol holidays , the origins and backgrounds of this event are relatively well documented.

When do we celebrate National Aperitif Day?

On the other hand, in the course of my research, I could not find out why Lillet chose the third Thursday in May as the date for the national aperitif day. At least none of the available sources make a concrete statement in this regard (see also the list of further links below).

So that nobody says that he / she did not know anything about it, the following is a list of the specific dates of this special day of the aperitif for the coming years:

  • 2020: Thursday, May 21
  • 2021: Thursday, May 20th
  • 2022: Thursday, May 19
  • 2023: Thursday, May 18
  • 2024: Thursday, May 16
  • 2025: Thursday, May 15th
  • 2026: Thursday, May 21
  • 2027: Thursday, May 20th
  • 2028: Thursday, May 18
  • 2029: Thursday, May 17th
  • 2030: Thursday, May 16

Who here still requires of you a mental rest, can the National Aperitif Day as a parallel event to the US Day of the notebook (Engl. National Notebook Day) Mark, who also always falls on the third Thursday in May.

Bar knowledge: things you should know about an aperitif in the context of a menu
In line with the day of the aperitif, the following is a small excerpt from the bar knowledge category and a number of facts that you should know about these drinks (selection) in the context of a menu. But one after anonther.

What is an aperitif?

The French and Italian cooking tradition describes an aperitif as a mostly alcoholic drink that is served before a meal. The aperitif has an appetite-stimulating function and should get in the mood for the upcoming meal. In the culinary order, it forms the complementary piece to the digestif that is served after the meal (see also the articles on World Bartender Day on February 24th).

In addition, the aperitif also functions as a social element, which serves to shorten the waiting time of the guests for the food or to bridge the time until all guests of a party / reservation have arrived or the table in the restaurant is free. Accordingly, should the aperitif not necessarily served at the table itself (see also the list of additional links below and the contribution to the US day of wine tasting (Engl. National Wine Tasting Day) on the first Saturday in November).).

Etymology: where does the term aperitif come from?

Most etymological dictionaries assume that the modern meaning of the aperitif as an alcoholic drink to stimulate the appetite comes from France in the 19th century and was finally adopted as a French phonetic form in German and English. This origin also gives rise to the equal spelling of aperitif and aperitif.

If you look back a little further in time, you will find another, medical use of the term from the 16th century. Derived from the Middle Latin aperitivus (dt. Opening ) or the Latin aperīre (dt. Opening ), these meanings have been adopted into German. What all meanings have in common, however, is the opening or opening character (see also the list of further links below).

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National Aperitif Day Images

Which drinks are suitable as an aperitif?

According to the function described above, drinks served as an aperitif are usually tart or bitter, as these flavors are said to have appetite-stimulating properties. As a rule, spirits, wines, sparkling wines, beer and so-called before-dinner cocktails are used here. These are examples of the following drinks (in alphabetical order):

  • Aperol
  • Campari
  • Hugo
  • Kir or Kir Royal
  • Manhattan

Martini Dry (see also the article on US Martini Day (National Martini Day) on June 19)
Drinks with egg or milk are therefore also considered unsuitable for an aperitif, as protein or fat-containing ingredients have a satiating effect. This applies with limitations for very sweet drinks (see also the contribution to the US National Liqueur Day on 16 October).

As a rule of thumb also applies to these drinks choice of appetizer must taste the gereichten food and the wine selection fit (for example: sweet vs. bitter or iced vs. hot, etc. – see also the contributions to the US day of drinking wine or National drink wine day on 18 February and the National wine and cheese day on 25 July).

What is an aperitif and when do you drink it?

In southern countries an aperitif (also aperitif or apero) is indispensable before a meal and for many it is the perfect prelude to a successful meal. Mostly it is a drink, drink or cocktail that prepares the stomach for the meal with its mostly bitter note.

An aperitif is the drink with which you toast in good company and thus shorten the waiting time until the meal and enjoy the anticipation.

Which drinks are suitable for an aperitif?

Since bitter substances are supposed to stimulate the appetite, bitter drinks are often used. That is why Campari, Martini (Vermouth), Cynar or Aperol are ideal for aperitifs.

The cocktail combination of tasteless spirits such as vodka, tequila or gin with non-alcoholic drinks such as soda, ginger ale and bitter lemon are very popular.

But sparkling drinks such as sparkling wine, crémant or champagne or cider are also served.

If you prefer a vinous taste, choose a port wine.

What is tasty with an aperitif?

It is perfect when the aperitif is matched to the starter. You can never go wrong with various canapés, antipasti or a finger food assortment. Add a few breadsticks, bread with dip and a bit of raw vegetables – you have a great start to the upcoming meal.

Strawberry Limes: The aperitif Recipe

National Aperitif Day - Strawberry Limes_ The aperitif Recipe - wishes db

Ingredients for approx. Three bottles of 750 milliliters each

  • 1.5 kg fresh strawberries (frozen if necessary)
  • 500 g powdered sugar or cane sugar
  • 300 ml lime juice
  • 400 ml of water
  • 700 ml of vodka

Preparation: Working time approx. 20 minutes,

wash the strawberries, remove the stalk and puree the fruit together with the lime juice.
Boil the water with the sugar until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then take the pot off the stove.
Add the strawberry puree and vodka to the sugar water, which is no longer boiling, and stir carefully.
The strawberry lime is then filled into three sterile bottles and sealed airtight. The strawberry lime produced in this way can be kept for about two months in a cool storage room or in the refrigerator. There is nothing wrong with freezing individual bottles after they have cooled down. Similar to juices, an opened bottle should be used within a few days.

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