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Starts the grills. Cover the table. BBQ fans celebrate the 16th May as US National Barbecue Day (BBQ Day). Of course, such a food holiday deserves its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and accordingly the following passages illuminate the history of this barbecue event. Good Appetite.

Who started National Barbecue Day?

As with many other US food holidays, little seems to be known about its origins in the case of National Barbecue Day. One possible lead leads us to food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins and his web portal

Hopkins has created hundreds of its own culinary holidays since starting this project in 2006. In fact, is the only source of note that lists the occasion for May 16. The corresponding post is dated May 16, 2018, although a version from 2017 can also be found in the blog’s archive.

To make matters worse, the blog rarely mentions this authorship explicitly.

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National Barbecue Day in the United States images

Why does National Barbecue Day in the United States fall on May 16?

The chosen date is also unclear. Because there is no justification for the election of May 16 and we have to assume a relatively arbitrary setting. At least this coincides with the observation that most websites on the topic of strange world days use May as National Barbecue Month. The fifth month of the year is not considered the classic start of the barbecue season for nothing.

In addition, the following points make things more difficult:

  • Except for, no other website lists May 16 as National BBQ Day.
  • For a long time, the Wikipedia list of worldwide food holidays led the US National BBQ Day to be July 13th. However, the source originally cited in 2013 referred to a Canadian website. Accordingly, it can be assumed that this is a completely different occasion. On May 16, 2017, this was corrected with reference to the article by John-Bryan Hopkins (see also the list of related links below).
  • Hopkins himself also mentions July 4th as National Barbecue Day in this context. However, this should not be understood as an independent food holiday, but rather a reference to the traditional BBQ as part of the US Independence Day. After all, the July 4 national holiday of the United States (see also the list of additional links below and for a similar event and the contribution to the South African Day of braai (National Braai Day) on 24 September).

Kitchen Knowledge: Five Things to Know About American BBQ
Be that as it may, however, in such cases it is wise to concentrate on the facts available about the object or occasion being celebrated. And in the case of the BBQ, there is actually a lot to discover here. So here is a small list of five things you should definitely know about American BBQ:

  • Let’s start with a linguistic observation. In American English, BBQ is used both as a term for the grill technique or cooking method and for a social event. In the United States, you invite your friends, family, etc. to a BBQ. The most popular dish is here to be the Hamburg (see, inter alia, the contribution to the international day of the hamburger (International Hamburger Day) on May 28, or the day of cheeseburgers (National Cheeseburger Day) on 18 September).
  • Against this background, BBQ in Germany is often equated with grilling, which is popular here. However, BBQ and grilling are related, but also very different cooking methods. Barbecue is a slow cooking method in which large pieces of meat are cooked in a pit or special barbecue smokers at a low temperature in the hot exhaust air of a wood fire. Sometimes one speaks of BBQ smoking here (US American Spareribs Day (National Barbecued Spareribs Day) on July 4th).
  • A bit of number. The Americans are a BBQ nation. That is known. It is therefore not surprising that, according to a Forbes survey, 75% of households there have at least one barbecue of their own.
  • The most popular BBQ dates of the year can be read from this survey: Independence Day on July 4th, Labor Day + Memorial Day (first Monday in September), Father’s Day (third Sunday in June) and Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May).
  • Statically speaking, a BBQ in the United States uses around 263,000 wet wipes to clean hands and mouths.

Who can not do anything of you with BBQ and/or grilling, for / the May 16 with the equally celebrated on May 16, offers International Metalheads Day or the US Day of Sea Monkeys (National Sea-Monkey Day ), the I-mag-trees tag (National Love a Tree day) or the day of the biographers (National biographer’s day) a number calendrical alternatives.

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a relaxed, above all delicious National Barbecue Day to all of you.

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