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On May 6, we come to the US Day of drinks (National Beverage Day – sometimes just short Beverage Day). This article examines what this Food Holiday is all about and why this drinks day deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world. What is it about?

Who started National Beverage Day?

As with so many other culinary holidays from the land of opportunity, it is unfortunately also the case with National Beverage Day that its origins seem to be completely in the dark. It is not known who initiated this Drinks Day or since when it has been celebrated in the United States.

Accordingly, there seems to be no specific reason for choosing the date, a problem that today’s occasion shares with quite a few alcohol holidays from the USA. Whether it beyond an overlap of content with the committed also today No Homework Day (Engl. No Homework Day) or the World Anti-Diet Day (Engl. International No Diet Day) are, I could not figure out while researching .

Beverage knowledge – curious facts from the world of liquid food

As always, when the facts regarding the background information on a curious holiday look rather poor, it is worth taking a look at existing facts. In the case of the American Beverage Day, there is actually a lot to report in this regard:

  • Did you know that every real French bouillabaisse should have a dash of absinthe according to the classic recipes? (See also the day of absinthe (English National Absinthe Day) on March 5th).
  • It is common knowledge that alcohol is also used for medicinal purposes. In contrast, very few people should know that the popular caipirinha was originally used as a prophylaxis against the Spanish flu.
  • Coffee is the Germans’ favorite drink. Every year we consume per capita approximately 149 liters of brown broth (see also the International Coffee Day (Engl. International Coffee Day) on October 1).
  • Australia, Germany and Austria are by world standards, the countries with the highest consumption of dairy products (see also the day of milk (Engl. National Milk Day) on 11 January).
  • Orange juice is still one of the most popular fruit juice drinks in the world. Around half of the oranges harvested for global juice production come from Brazil, from where around 6 billion liters of orange juice are exported every year (see also National Orange Juice Day on May 4th)
  • Which country is the world’s largest producer of whiskey in terms of volume? None of the usual suspects like Ireland or Scotland, but actually India (see also the article on World Whiskey Day on the third Saturday in May).

With that in mind: raise your glasses and have a great National Beverage Day to all of you.

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