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On June 11 in the US which is the day of the corn on the cob (National Corn on the Cob Day) Celebrated. That may sound funny, but it has a serious background.

Corn is one, if not the staple food in North America. Of course, the corn came first in its wild form. And it was a cultural achievement to breed it and cultivate it in a targeted manner. There are many myths surrounding it great famines of the American indigenous population and how people realized how to cultivate corn.

Again and again, these stories are about maize goddesses who taught people to put the “dead body” of the maize mother in the ground in the form of dried out, hard maize kernels and to bury it with it, so to speak. As if by a miracle, the corn goddess blossomed in the coming year, so she was born again.

What is the background for National Corn on the Cob Day?

Day of the cob corn is one of the staple foods in North America. At first it grew in the wild but was then bred and cultivated. This is how the native American population survived. In this context there are also many stories about the maize goddess: The people put the shape of the “body of the maize goddess” with dried, hard maize kernels in the earth to bury them, so to speak. We miraculously bloomed the corn goddess again in the coming year – so she was born again.

Corn is one of the oldest foods in the world

Corn is grown on an incredible 183 million hectares of land around the world. The first corn plants come from Mexico – cobs and corn scraps were found there, the origin of which scientists date to 4,700 years before Christ! Around 1525 maize came to Europe, first to Spain. World explorer Christopher Columbus had taken home plants and seeds from the Caribbean. A few years later, the first maize fields were planted in Turkey, and maize cultivation began in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century. However, special varieties had to be bred for this so that the maize could also grow in these climatically cooler regions.

The seeds are sown from mid-April to mid-May. In long rows about 75 centimeters apart, they are planted in the ground with the help of seed drills. The various maize varieties are then harvested between mid-September and the end of November. 15 percent of the total global output of 1.02 billion tons (in 2014) is sold as food. The large remainder is divided as follows: 63 percent are fed to animals; 11 percent is processed further (for example into starch, oil, flour, semolina, polenta), 10 percent for other types of use and 1 percent as seeds for new crops.

National Corn on the Cob Day wishes - wishesdb
National Corn on the Cob Day wishes

Nutritional values of Corn

But is corn actually healthy?

Corn is a summer cereal and is in season here from July to the end of October. Corn has a sweet taste and is very healthy due to its balanced composition. It consists of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins as well as fiber. Corn, for example, contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin C. It provides our body with a package of valuable nutrients.

Nutritional composition per 100g of: Corn Flakes; Cornflour; Corn; Sweet corn, canned, drained; Starch corn; Pop Corn – Reference Values ​​of Food Composition

Corn flakescorn flourCornSweet corn, canned, drainedStarch cornPop Corn
Edible part100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.0g
Prevailing amino acidsB.C. glutamic, Leucine , ProlineB.C. glutamic, Leucine, Proline
Limiting amino acidLysineLysine
Lipids TOT0.8g2.7g3.8g1.3gtr4.2g
Saturated fatty acids– g0.31g0.58g– g– g– g
Monounsaturated fatty acids– g0.66g0.87g– g– g– g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids– g1.41g1.67g– g– g– g
TOT Carbohydrates87.4g80.8g75.1g19.5g86.8g77.9g
Soluble sugars10.4mg1.5mg2.5g4.3g2.5g
Dietary fiber3.8g3.1g20.g1.4g0.0g15.1g
Soluble– g0.35g– g– g– g– g
Insoluble– g2.76g– g– g– g– g
Iron2.8mg1.8mg2.4mg0.5mg– mg2.7mg
Football74.0mg6.0mg15.0mg4.0mg– mg10.0mg
Phosphorus58.0mg99.0mg256.0mg79.0mg– mg300.0mg
Thiamine– mg0.35mg0.36mg0.25mg– mg0.20mg
Riboflavin– mg0.10mg0.20mg0.18mg– mg0.28mg
Niacin– mg1.90mg1.50mg0.86mg– mg1.95mg
Vitamin A28.0µg67.0µg62.0µg24.0µg– µg20.0µg
C vitamin0.0mg0.0mg0.0mg7.0mg0.0mg0.0mg
Vitamin E– mgtr– mg0.5mg0.0mg– mg

We enjoy corn on the cob raw, grilled, from the oven or from the pan. For grilling time is a corn cob grilled a real treat. Freshly grooved, seasoned with a little salt or served with a delicious dip, it goes down well with young and old.

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