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National Devil’s Food Cake Day: Friends of chocolate baked goods definitely celebrate May 19th as the day of Devil’s Food Cake. At least when it comes to the US culinary calendar, which lists this date as National Devil’s Food Cake Day. Reason enough to include this Cake Holiday in the collection of curious holidays from all over the world and to investigate the question of why the devil is (allegedly) in the dark chocolate cake. Hooray for cake.

Who started National Devil’s Food Cake Day?

As with so many other articles from the cake holiday calendar, unfortunately, the same applies to the US National Devil’s Food Cake Day that its background does not seem to be particularly well documented. Although most of the popular online calendars list this special day of the Devils Food Cake for May 19. A well-known problem for many food holidays from the United States.

On closer inspection of the available sources, however, the inconclusive research must be surprising. Because a look at the available material quickly makes it clear that with the food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins a real authority on food holidays as the initiator of the National Devil’s Food Cake Day is moving into focus. Since 2005/2006, Alabama-born Hopkins has launched numerous culinary holidays of his own, which he has been collecting on his blog since 2010 (see also the articles by Diana Ransom on, Doug Criss on and Conor Dougherty on

The earliest version of National Day of Devil’s Food Cake at Hopkins goes back to May 19, 2012, although it is not entirely clear whether this is actually the first edition of this culinary event. At least the data from Google Trends underline this assumption. Because the search term National Devils Food Cake Day only produced a first relevant interest in organic search in October 2013.

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Why does US Devils Food Cake Day fall on May 19th?

In contrast, Hopkins’ article on does not provide any indication of why US Devils Food Cake Day falls on May 19th of all places. Rather, the food blogger has pointed out in several interviews that the occasions on his culinary calendar are placed either according to seasonal reference or the existing gaps in the events he has researched. At the start of, he was only able to find 200 well-known food holidays and filled the remaining dates with his own holidays.

Against this background, a relatively arbitrary calendar setting can also be assumed in the case of Devil’s Food Cake Day. But at least there is cake for that.

Whether the day of the May Sun (National May Ray Day), also celebrated today in the USA, or the Malcolm X Day (Malcolm X Day) played a role in the choice of the date , I was able (so far) In the course of the research for the present article, however, could not find out.

Baking knowledge: five curious facts you should know about the Devils Food Cake

As always, when there is hardly any information about the background of a strange holiday, it is wise to focus on the facts of the subject or occasion. And in the case of the devilishly sweet chocolate orgy of the Devils Food Cake, there are a number of curious facts to report.

  • The Devils Food Cake is, so to speak, the counterpart to the also very popular White Angel Food Cake. Sometimes the cake that is celebrated today is also used synonymously with the Red Velvet Cake, with two different recipes.
  • In essence, it is in the devil’s food cake is a chocolate cake covered with a chocolate glaze and chocolate butter cream filling (see also the contributions to the US Day of chocolate cake (Engl. National Chocolate Cake Day) on January 27, and the Swedish day of Kladdkaka (swed. Kladdkakans dag) on ​​November 7th).
  • In contrast to the common chocolate cakes and many brownie recipes, the Devils Food Cake is significantly darker due to its ingredients and has a coffee aroma. The chocolate overkill can of course be expanded by using various ingredients such as cocoa powder, chocolate frosting, etc. according to your own culinary preferences (see also the article on the US American Day of the “German” (German) chocolate cake) . National German Chocolate Cake Day) on June 11th).
  • Another difference is the use of hot water instead of milk, which gives the cake its special consistency.
  • The first written mention of this chocolate cake in the US dates back to 1905, with many historians assuming that similar recipes were known before the 20th century. As a rule, reference is made here to a mention in the daily newspaper Hagerstown Exponent of Hagerstown, Indiana on August 10, 1898.

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a great day of Devil’s Food Cake to all of you.

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