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National Egg Day: What was there first? Hen or egg? According to the culinary calendar of US, the answer on June 3 is probably the egg. Because this date is celebrated in the United States as the national day of the eggs (National Egg Day – sometimes just short: Egg Day). 

eggs have played an important role in the nutrition of families around the world. They are an unbeatable package when it comes to versatility and high-quality protein at a very affordable price. And they are also an excellent source of choline, which is essential in memory and brain development. When practicality and exceptional taste are taken into account, there is no competition.

National Egg Day: egg nutrition value

The egg contains practically all nutrients, many vitamins and trace elements, and it contains the most complete protein of all foods. Two thirds of the fats it contains are unsaturated. The biological value of protein even exceeds that of milk and meat.

The average nutritional values ​​per 100 g (in brackets% of the daily requirement):

Calorific value589 kJ or 142 kcal-4%
fat10 g-9%
hereof: saturated fatty acids2.6 g(8th%)
carbohydrates<0.5 g(<1%)
of which sugars<0.5 g(<1%)
Protein12 g-14%
salt0.32 g-3%
Vitamin A270 mcg-19%
Vitamin D2 mcg-36%
Vitamin E.2 mg-10%
Vitamin K40 mcg-57%
Folic acid70 mcg-13%
iron2.1 mg-15%
National Egg Day wishes - Egg Day in the US - wishesdb
National Egg Day wishes – Egg Day in the US

A chicken egg contains around 80-100 calories , depending on its size . We mostly use size M eggs for cooking. Each of them contains about 90 calories at around 60 grams and is made up of around a third of protein and two thirds of fat .

The carbohydrate content of an egg can be neglected, which is why it’s so popular for low-carb diets and weight loss. Because of their high fat content, eggs should still be eaten in moderation. The calorie content of scrambled eggs or omelets is quickly underestimated – especially when oil, ham or cheese are added.

A possible variant, although not really recommended from the point of view of “waste”: Use only one or two whole eggs – including the egg yolks – and only use the almost fat-free protein of the rest. Add fresh vegetables and egg dishes to long-lasting slim food.

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