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Fans of good food to celebrate the May 9 course as US National Foodie Day (Foodie Day). At least when it comes to Lori Brown and Kevin Goodbee, who started this Food Holiday 2017. Reason enough to tell the story of this culinary occasion with the following lines of the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world. Good Appetite.

Who started National Foodies Day?

National Foodies Day was invented by Lori Brown and Kevin Godbee in 2017. The two Florida-based Americans are co-founders and publishers of the St. Petersburg Foodies web portal.

Originally with a purely local focus on their hometown, the two decided to find a way to bring foodies and gastro fans across the US state and country together. Together with the local sponsor Tryst, the idea for a joint event was born, which finally resulted in the National Foodies Day on May 9, 2017. To the great surprise of Brown and Goodbee’s, there was no such event until then.

In addition, on the official website of this culinary holiday, the two explicitly refer to the inspiration of the food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins, who has already been mentioned here several times and who has launched numerous of his own food holidays on his blog (see also the list the related links below).

Why is Foodie Day in the United States on May 9th?

The initiators then provide a double reason why US Foodie Day falls on May 9th. On the one hand, the co-sponsor Tryst chose May as the period for the above-mentioned St. Petersburg Foodies event, on the other hand, this date also stands for the founding of the Facebook group St. Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Reviews in 2015.

This group, initiated by Lori Brown, was originally launched on May 9, 2015 just for fun, but over time this platform has developed into an important communication channel for St. Petersburg foodies. Reason enough to choose this date as a reference (see also the list of further links below).

Attempt to get a conceptual approach to the foodie phenomenon

At this point, let’s try a conceptual approach to the topic and the target group celebrated with National Foodie Day. Because what a foodie actually is cannot be determined so easily or precisely. At least as a distinction from terms such as gourmet or culinary. These differences appear to be more fluent and should in most cases be in the eye of the beholder (see including the contribution to the US Day of Kulinariker (Culinarians National Day) on 25 July).

What is a foodie?

The term foodie is an informal minimal definition for people who have a strong interest in culinary topics related to food and drinks. In addition to the courts in yourself but always learning about the preparation, the ingredients and backgrounds (see, inter alia, the contribution to the US is at the forefront of wine tasting day (Engl. National Wine Tasting Day) on the first Saturday in November). According to the definition, foodies particularly value quality and home-made dishes with high-quality ingredients.

In contrast to gourmets and culinary professionals, they do not pursue any professional interest in a restaurant-related activity. Although the latter aspect has to be put into perspective by the commercial orientation of many food bloggers, this term, which comes from English, can best be translated as gastro fan or food lover.

Where does the term foodie come from?

It is now believed that the term foodie was first used in 1980 by the American restaurant and gastro critic Gael Greene in New York magazine. Other sources see a contribution from the London magazine Harper’s & Queen from 1982 as a source. From a distance, I cannot (yet) judge which version is correct, but both variants coincide with The Official Foodie Handbook by Paul Levy and Ann Barr published in the United States in 1984. For some years now, the term has also been found as a separate entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

For those who have nothing to do with the topic Foodies at the hat May 9th, with the Brazilian offers day of orgasm and the International Day of the lost sock (Lost Sock Memorial Day Engl.) At least two calendrical alternatives or combinations.

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a relaxed foodie day to all of you.

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