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Eat more fruit. For the May 13 celebrating the United States as their national day of fruit cocktails (National Fruit Cocktail Day). Good Appetite. Thus, this date in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world is definitely a fruity or sweet affair. Reason enough to include this Food Holiday in the collection of the curious World Days and to tell the story of the Fruit Cocktail Day with this article. What is it about?

Who started National Fruit Cocktail Day?

As with most US posts from the fruit holiday calendar, it is also true in the case of National Fruit Cocktail Day that hardly anything seems to be known about its background or origins. In the course of researching this article, I was unable to find out either a possible initiator or the exact year it was founded.

At least the last-mentioned aspect can be put into perspective. Because according to Google Trends, the search query National Fruit Cocktail Day generated an initial relevant interest in the results for April / May 2013.

It is not known whether this also coincides with the first edition of this Food Holiday. In contrast, this date fits perfectly into the list of previous curious holidays in honor of fruit, vitamins and fruits. Examples include the following dates:

  • the day of the apricot (National Apricot Day) on January 9,
  • the day of the German apple on January 11th,
  • the day of the banana (Banana Day) always on the third Wednesday in April,
  • the International Eat-a-apple-day (International Eat An Apple Day) on September 20, or
  • American Eat-a-red-apple day (Eat a Red Apple Day) on 1 December.
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Why does National Fruit Cocktail Day fall on May 13th in the United States?

The ambiguity outlined above then continues with a view to the selected date. Because why its inventor (s) chose May 13 as the date of the US National Fruit Cocktail Day remains unclear, or none of the popular websites and online calendars on the topic of culinary holidays explain it. But the fact is that various sources on the subject of strange holidays from all over the world list this date as the day of the fruit cocktail, so I don’t want to contradict that.

William Vere Cruess or Herbert Gray – who invented the fruit cocktail?

As always, when there is little background information, it would be wise to focus on the facts at hand. And in the case of the fruit cocktail, these mean the following:

Strictly speaking, the term cocktail is a bit misleading here, because what is generally understood by this is not a classic alcoholic mixed drink, but an appetizer or dessert, which is a mix of different fruits that is served in a bowl or glass (see also the calendar of the fruit holidays ).

In addition to the various pieces of fruit, the fruit cocktail often also contains a certain amount of fruit juice or syrup. The relation to the mixed drink cocktail arises from the fact of the mixture.

Although the fruit cocktail has enjoyed great popularity since its introduction and industrial mass production as a canned food in the 1940s – especially in the USA – there is still some uncertainty about its inventor. While the academic field here is nutritionist and food chemist Dr. William Vere Cruess (1886-1968) of the University of Berkley, Canner and Packer magazine in 1958, in the article 100 Years of Canning in the West, referred to the packaging manufacturer Herbert Gray (?), Who worked for the Barron- Gray Packing Company from San Jose is said to have invented the fruit cocktail as early as 1930.

Gray also confirmed this in a 1969 interview with the San Jose Mercury News . In the course of my research, I was unable to find out who of the two is the actual inventor of the fruit cocktail.

Be that as it may, it is definitely delicious. In this sense: you all a great day of fruit cocktails, which you alternatively as the World Cocktail Day or ( World Cocktail Day.) International Hummus Day (English International Hummus Day.) Or US the day tulips (National Tulip day) or day of apple pie (National Apple Pie day) celebrations can. 🙂

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a relaxed National Fruit Cocktail Day to all of you.

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