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Would you like some refreshment? The May 8 to celebrate the United States as their national drink-a-Cola day (National Have a Coke Day). Reason enough to add this Food Holiday to the calendar of curious holidays from around the world and to tell its story below. What at first glance looks like a marketing campaign by one of the major beverage and soda manufacturers, however, turns out to be a purely historical reference on closer inspection. What is it about?

Why does National Have a Coke Day fall on May 8th?

Despite extensive research, it is unfortunately also completely unclear in the case of National Have a Coke Day who initiated it and since when exactly it has been celebrated in the United States. With the acclaimed in the US parallel Verschenke-a-cupcake day (Engl. National Give Someone a Cupcake Day), the day of the iris (Engl. National Iris Day), the no-socks-day (Engl. No Socks Day) or Parents Day in South Korea it seems to have nothing to do with it anyway. At least I couldn’t find out anything about this during the research for this article.

Now, in the context of the strange holidays, the date of patenting, invention or other premieres has proven to be an option for such a special day. As an example, reference is made to the following entries in the framework calendar of the curious world days:

  • the day of earmuffs (National Earmuff Day) on March 13,
  • the day of the Eiffel Tower ( National Eiffel Tower Day) March 31st,
  • the day of the Bunsen burner (Bunsen Burner Day) on March 31,
  • the day of vitamin C (Vitamin C Day) on April 4,
  • the day of Teflon (National Teflon Day) on April 6th,
  • the International Day of the safety pin (International Safety Pin Day) on April 10,
  • the day of the zipper (National Zipper Day) on April 29th or
  • the US Day of waffle (National Waffle Day) on 24 August.

Against this background, there is then also a serious hint for the choice of the date with which the circle to today’s Drink-a-Cola-Day will come full circle. Because on May 8, 1886, the first bottles of Coca-Cola, invented by John Stith Pemberton (1831 – 1888), were sold in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

From painkillers and morphine substitutes to popular soft drinks

The rest is history, so to speak. In 1888, shortly before his death, Pemberton sold the rights to the pharmacy wholesaler Asa Griggs Candler (1851-1929) for a sum of US $ 2,300. On this basis, he finally founded the well-known The Coca-Cola Company in 1892. Just 12 months after founding the company, Chandler registered the Coca-Cola trademark and began marketing the drink across the United States.

From 1896 he expanded the market to neighboring countries. The term Coke has been the trademarked property of the Coca-Cola Company since March 27, 1944, whose products have since been sold in over 200 countries around the world. If current statistics are to be believed, around 1.8 million cola products are bought globally every day.

However, this is no longer just the original product, which is not surprising for a company of this size. In 2011, Coca-Cola was declared the world’s most valuable brand in an Interbrand study .

With this in mind: Have a refreshing National Have a Coke Day to all of you.

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