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Hugs trees. Protect nature. Every year on May 16, the USA celebrates its national I-like-trees-day (National Love a Tree Day – often only briefly: Love a Tree Day). The following lines illuminate what this botanical day of action is all about and why this event deserves its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world . What is this botanical day of action about?

Who started National Love a Tree Day?

In contrast to many other contributions from the calendar of the botanical holidays, the origins or background of the National Love a Tree Day do not seem to be particularly well documented. There is a whole series of online articles on this American I like trees day, but there is no concrete information about a possible initiator or the exact year it was founded. However, the following options are conceivable here:

  • A local environmental protection organization from the United States started Love a Tree Day. This authorship seems to have been forgotten in the course of time.
  • As with many other US holidays and promotions, the roots of today’s I Like Trees Day can be found in the marketing departments of the greeting card industry. As a rule, the listing of such an event on the web portal is always a good indicator of its origin (see also the list of related links below).

To make matters worse, this day of honor of the trees should not be confused with the US National Arbor Day, founded in 1872, which is now always celebrated on the last Friday in April. In terms of content, these two botanical days of action are certainly very close to one another.

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Why does Tree Friends Day fall on May 16?

This ambiguity continues with a view to the selected date. May is certainly chosen as a typical spring month, but why the unknown initiators chose May 16 as the date does not seem to be justified in any more detail or, against this background, must be viewed as a relatively arbitrary calendar setting. This could have been any other day during this period.

Looking at the date, however, at least the blog of the US environmental protection organization National Wildlife Federation (NWF) provides a trace of the content by locating today’s I Like Trees Day as part of the Garden for Wildlife Month campaign. Since the blog article from 2011 linked below does not contain any other references to possible authorship by the NWF, it seems to have been linked to this day of action here.

In addition, I also consider a substantive connection to the acclaimed parallel on May 16, International Day metalheads or the US Day of Sea Monkeys (National Sea-Monkey Day), the National Barbecue Day (BBQ day) or the day of the biographers (National Biographer’s Day) seems rather unlikely.

Goals and Intention: What is the best way to celebrate Tree Lovers’ Day?

Not without a twinkle in your eye, certainly best, by letting your inner tree-hugger run free. In addition, there are certainly a number of other useful ways to celebrate this tree lover’s day appropriately. Here are a few exemplary suggestions and ideas:

  • Probably the easiest way to celebrate the I-like-trees-day consists in a long walk in the woods. If you don’t have a forest nearby, you can of course switch to a park or a botanical garden.
  • Another good idea for today’s occasion: plant a tree yourself.
  • Those who like it more theoretically can of course study the relevant literature or pay a visit to a natural history museum.
  • Or just hug a tree.

In this sense: Have a great National Love a Tree Day to all of you.

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