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With the day of the May sun (National May Ray Day) one celebrates the beautiful weather in the USA. At least at first glance. Since sun and spring are definitely a worthwhile combination of themes, I am of course happy to include this special day of the May sun in the calendar of curious public holidays from all over the world. The following lines explain that there is more to report here than meteorological observation.

Who Started National May Ray Day?

In contrast to many of the other curious celebrations and action days from the United States gathered here, the origins and backgrounds of National May Ray Day are relatively well documented. This special day of the May Sun goes back to a cooperation between the American Richard Ankli from Ann Arbor, Michigan and the Broadway Fun Spot bar in St. Joseph, Michigan in 1977 (see also the list of related links below) .

A reference to the content also in the US today acclaimed Malcolm X Day (Engl. Malcolm X Day) or the day of the devil’s food cake (Engl. National devil’s food cake Day) I could not find anyway. Only that this occasion is celebrated in May seems at least somehow understandable due to the name.

Why does US May solar day fall on May 19?

But that is not enough. Because Ankli also provides a reason why the American version of the May Sunshine Day falls on May 19. While the selected month is derived almost goes without saying programmatically from the name, you have to have some research in more depth for the selected day (see also the contributions to the International Day of the Sun (International Day of the Sun) on 3 May and the summer solstice ).

Because May 19th refers less to the springtime sunshine, but rather to the birthday of Ankli’s brother Ray. On the other hand, it is not known whether this was originally an internal family reason for the Anklis, which became public through the above-mentioned cooperation, or whether the direct route to the outside was chosen. In this sense: Happy Birthday Ray Ankli.

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National May Ray Day images

What is the best way to celebrate May Sunshine Day?

And the chance that you will get some sun in the second half of May is not so bad in our latitudes. In this respect, today it is a matter of spending some time in the fresh air and enjoying the harbingers of summer and the sun’s rays of corn. Whether it’s a walk, outdoor sports, a visit to the beer garden, a picnic or a bike ride, the possibilities are endless here. Here, however, not forget the sunscreen the contribution to the US Day of sunscreen (National Sun Screen Day) on May 27).

And even if the weather does not play along as desired today, you can of course also use the day of the May sun for imagination and, for example, look at holiday photos, pictures of bright sunshine, etc. and in this way enjoy the warming rays of the sun .

Finally, an interesting side note: Today’s National May Ray Day is actually not the only holiday that goes back to an idea by Richard Ankli. A similar variant can be found on Sourest Day, also created in 1977, on October 25th, which was launched on the occasion of the birthday of Ankli’s friend Sauer.

In this sense: Have a great and hopefully warm day of May sunshine to all of you.

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