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Since 2016, the United States celebrate the third Thursday in May as a national day of the notebook (National Notebook Day – rare: Notebook Day). In 2021 this flexible date falls on May 20th and the calendar of curious holidays from around the world tells the story behind it. Why are we celebrating the notebook today?

Who started National Notebook Day?

In contrast to a large part of many other curious holidays and action days from the United States, in the case of National Notebook Day there is at least very concrete information about its origins. Specifically, the initiative for this special day of the notebook goes back to a cooperation between the US company May Designs and the web portal in 2016.

Founded by the designer Mica May, May Designs is a provider of high-quality stationery and notebooks, which is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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National Notebook Day Images

When does the United States celebrate their Notebook Day?

On the other hand, in the course of my research, I could not find out why this cooperation opted for the flexible date of the third Thursday in May. In contrast, the founding date on May 19, 2016 seems to have a deeper meaning.

Because the 19th of May stands in the saints calendar of the Catholic Church for the special day of Celestine V (also Pietro del Murrone, Petrus de Murrone or Pietro Angelari – English Peter Celestine), the patron saint of bookbinders. And with a view to the notebooks, that’s a perfectly appropriate choice. The only thing that unfortunately remains unclear is why the initiator did not choose this date as the fixed date for the notebook day.

So that nobody says that he / she didn’t know anything about it, the following is a list of the specific dates of this special day of notebooks for the coming years:

  • 2019: Thursday, May 16
  • 2020: Thursday, May 21
  • 2021: Thursday, May 20th
  • 2022: Thursday, May 19
  • 2023: Thursday, May 18
  • 2024: Thursday, May 16
  • 2025: Thursday, May 15th
  • 2026: Thursday, May 21
  • 2027: Thursday, May 20th
  • 2028: Thursday, May 18
  • 2029: Thursday, May 17th
  • 2030: Thursday, May 16

Who needs a mnemonic of you here may be the National Day Notebook as a parallel event to the US Day of appetizers (National Aperitif Day) Mark, who also always falls on the third Thursday in May.

What is the best way to celebrate National Notebook Day?

Well, in the spirit of the initiators, certainly by purchasing a notebook. 😉 For the beginning, however, you should also use one or you can now look at old, stored notebooks. Diaries can certainly be regarded as belonging here (see also the day of the diary on June 12).

In this sense: a great National Notebook Day to all of you.

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