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National Orchid Day: The April 16 is dedicated to the wurzelknolligen orchids. Because since 2015 we celebrate this date in the US national orchid day (Engl. National Orchid Day ). What at first glance looks like a typical botanical occasion for the collection of curious holidays from all over the world , turns out to be a very serious and, unfortunately, sad story on closer inspection. Reason enough to tell them with the following lines.

Who started National Orchid Day?

In contrast to many other curious or botanical holidays and action days from the United States, in the case of National Orchid Day there are very specific information about its origins and backgrounds.

The initiative for today’s occasion goes back to a cooperation between the American couple Mike and Faith Young and their colleagues at the web portal in 2015 when they declared April 16 National Orchid Day. And this choice has nothing to do with International Voice Day, which is celebrated on April 16, or World Semicolon Day or US Egg Benedict Day. National Eggs Benedict day) or the Come-in-pajamas-to-work-day English (do Wear Pajamas to a workday). At least I couldn’t find out anything about this in the course of the research for this article.

When is National Orchid Day?

2021April 16 (Friday)
2022April 16 (Saturday)
2023April 16 (Sunday)
2024April 16 (Tuesday)
2025April 16 (Wednesday)

Why does US National Orchid Day fall on April 16?

Given today’s occasion, the fact that both of them have a soft spot for orchids seems quite evident. In this respect, it is also fitting that the two met as part of a volunteer program on a Mexican orchid plantation.

This encounter not only resulted in the marriage but also a daughter, Orchid, who died on April 16, 2014 while giving birth. In their memory, the two declared this date to be National Orchid Day.

The necessary money for this was raised within a day as part of a Kickstarter campaign and through the sale of self-made honey and against this background it becomes relatively easy to see why today’s occasion is only partially included in the calendar of botanical holidays such as the Day of Honor of the plant (International Plant Appreciation Day).

In this respect, this occasion is not just a day of remembrance for the little Orchid, but also a thank you from the Young couple to everyone who generously supported their cause and thus – albeit in a figurative sense – helped the orchids to be appreciated a little more. Many thanks to my parents who made their orchid photos available to me.

National Orchid Day Images

National Orchid Day - white Orchids - wishes db
National Orchid Day - white and pink Orchids - wishes db
National Orchid Day - white and pink Orchids stem - wishes db
National Orchid Day - pink Orchid plant - wishes db
National Orchid Day - pure pink Orchid plant - wishes db
National Orchid Day - pink and white Orchid plant - wishes db
National Orchid Day - red and white Orchid plant - wishes db
National Orchid Day - pure white Orchid plant - wishes db

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