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The May 7 is celebrated in the United States since 2015 as a national day of packaging design (National Packaging Design Day). Of course, such an event deserves its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and accordingly its history should be examined in more detail with the following lines. What is there to report?

Who started the National Packaging Design Day?

Unlike many other quirky holidays and promotions from the United States, the origins of National Packaging Design Day are relatively well documented. This day of honor for packaging design goes back to a cooperation between the American colleagues from the web portal and the packaging manufacturer Design Packing in 2015 (see also the list of related links below).

Why is Packaging Design Day in the United States on April 7th?

In contrast, in the course of the research for the present article, I was unable to find out why the initiators chose May 7th as the date for this National Day of Packaging Design. Although the above-mentioned online calendar refers to April 22, 2015 as the specific date of foundation, whether it is a specific reference to a company-relevant date or the Russian Radio Day (Russian День радио) or the US American Day, which is also celebrated today of the Cosmopolitan (English National Cosmopolitan Day) remains unclear. In this respect, a relatively arbitrary calendar setting can also be assumed for the day of packaging design.

Goals and Intention: How do you celebrate the American Packaging Design Day?

The name of today’s day of action can be seen programmatically. Because today it’s about nothing less than honoring those who deal with the broad field of packaging design. As far as I understand the initiators mentioned above, it doesn’t matter whether this happens on a professional or hobby level. Fittingly, a shortlist with ten suggestions on how to celebrate today’s great day of packaging design appropriately:

  1. Share quotes from famous designers as a daily motto or inspiration on your social media channels.
  2. Photos of favorite packaging designs on and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co share (see also the contribution to the US special day of bubble wrap (Engl. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day) on the last Monday in January).
  3. Alternatively, you can of course also take a photo of the packaging you last bought.
  4. Design your own packaging or tote bag. After all, today it’s all about creativity.
  5. Good design is always an incentive to buy. So today it is easy to buy a product just because it has attractive packaging or a cover. I often feel that way with books on rummaging tables. Can be worth it.
  6. Good ideas should be spread, so a little self-promotion is allowed.
  7. A look behind the scenes is also a good idea. So why not document the creation process and make it accessible to the digital public as well.
  8. The best way to learn is through the experiences of others. That is why the day of packaging design should also be used to share and convey your knowledge. Be it through a tutorial or a short video. This can of course also be combined with the previous points.
  9. Speaking of which, on the subject of videos. So-called unboxing videos are very popular on the internet. Today’s National Packing Design Day is also a good occasion for this.
  10. Unfortunately, packaging is still too often a part of the global waste problem. Therefore, the topics of reuse and recycling of the materials used should also play a central role.

With this in mind: Have a great and inspiring day of packaging design to all of you.

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