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National Paper Airplane Day is an unofficial observation that is celebrated on May 26th each year in the United States to commemorate simple aviation toys.

Paper Airplane Day History

National Paper Airplane Day celebrations typically include social gatherings where participants create and fly paper airplanes. These events often feature competitions in two basic flight categories: distance and time in the air. As in 2012, Takuo Toda holds the world record for the longest time in the air (27.9 seconds). The distance record (226 feet, 10 inches or 69.14 meters) was set by Joe Ayoob built, with a plane from John Collins in February 2012 found.

What is the best way to celebrate National Paper Airplane Day?

But that shouldn’t stop us at this point from celebrating this holiday appropriately for simple air toys. How? Of course, the best way to do this is to build one or more paper planes. 😉 And, historically, we are in a very long tradition.

Paper Airplane Day images - National Paper Airplane Day in the USA - wishesdb
Paper Airplane Day images – National Paper Airplane Day in the USA

What was your secret? What were the steps to build it?

Do you know that there are different variations of the paper airplane? We have collected some suggestions and variations on the theme for you, read here 🙂

1) Classic model . The original, the only, the inimitable, the abc of each construction with paper. Take an A4 sheet, fold it in half lengthwise. Bring the upper corners towards the center and make sharp and precise folds with the help of your nails. Fold the edges back towards the center, making sure the sides meet exactly in the center of the paper. Fold again along the center line, so as to “hide” all previous folds inside the plane. Finally fold the wings down to create the wings. Attention: also in this case the creases must be clean and clean!

2) Improved model. Same start as the classic one: fold the A4 sheet in two lengthwise. Join the two top vertices “in the center” and fold the tip thus formed downwards, ie the inside of the sheet. You should have more or less something that looks like a letter envelope in front of you. Bring the top corners that have formed towards the center, so that the tips are about 2/3 from the center crease. Fold the tip that is under the two corners upwards, so as to secure them. Fold the paper in half along the main center line.

All previous folds must remain on the outside of the airplane. The small triangular crease is now located along what will later be the bottom of the plane. Finally create the wings, folding them both down so that the long edge is perfectly aligned with the underside of the aircraft. Unfold them slightly so that they are perpendicular to the body of the plane and fly your plane!

3) Acrobatic model. You arrive at the “envelope” aspect of the previous model. At this point, fold the two upper corners towards the inner tip (that of the envelope!) About an inch from it. Fold the small tip up “to close” the sides created. Fold the sheet vertically in half, following the line you created initially. The tip of the airplane will remain hidden inside.

Fold the wings outwards, leaving a central body of about 1 cm and fold the back of both upwards, again by 1 cm. Finally, fix the body of the plane with a stapler and that’s it. Ah, two tips: if you want your plane to perform an acrobatic spin, throw it upwards with force. If you want it to fly straight, throw it gently by tilting it slightly downwards.

4) Model with delt wings. Fold an A4 sheet horizontally and vertically. Arrange it horizontally in front of you. Fold the two top corners towards the center so that they touch. Now fold the top of the sheet in line with the horizontal fold you made at the start. Fold the sides of the paper towards the center, so that the top tips touch in the center on the vertical line.

Fold the paper in half, along the vertical line. At this point, the whole should have a triangular shape. Draw a vertical line about 2 centimeters from the vertical side of the paper. Finally fold the paper on both sides, along the line you drew, to form the wings. The airplane’s “fuselage” should be vertical, with the wings horizontal at a 90-degree angle to it. And now we just have to fly!

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