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On May 3 , the United States celebrate the day of the supernatural (National Paranormal Day) the rather unknown paths of the empirically tangible world. The following lines shed light on what this special day of the paranormal is all about and why this rather unusual occasion deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world .

What does paranormal actually mean?

The adjective paranormal or paranormality is derived from the Greek para (παρά) and means in a figurative sense against, against, etc. in addition also the US, among others day of extrasensory perception (Psychic day) August 4).

Against this background, the colloquial term for the supersensible has become commonplace as something that does not seem to be explained by the perception of the human sense organs. This then explains, for example, why paranormal phenomena fall into the field of parapsychology. Essentially, these are the following areas (in alphabetical order and without claim to completeness):

  • Divination (e.g. fortune telling and prophecy)
  • Apparitions and ghosts
  • Clairvoyance
  • Materialization
  • precognition
  • Psychokinesis and Spooky
  • Sleepwalking
  • telepathy
  • Visions

Parapsychology as an academic discipline is definitely a scientific niche, but its representatives are not esoteric nuts either. Rather, one tries to get to the bottom of the phenomena outlined above with empirical and statistical methodology. So far nothing supernatural has been found or proven here (see also the other contributions from the calendar of the horror holidays ).

Who started National Paranormal Day?

As with so many other curious holidays and action days from the United States, unfortunately, in the case of National Paranormal Day, hardly anything seems to be known about its origins or backgrounds. In the course of the research, I could neither find a reference to a possible initiator nor a specific year of foundation.

This may well be in the nature of the topic being celebrated today, but of course this is not a particularly satisfactory answer. At least with regard to the second aspect, there is a serious indication that this day of honor for the paranormal was already known in 2009 (see also the tweet linked below from May 3, 2009).

Why is US Paranormal Day falling on May 3rd?

In this respect, it is not surprising that a number of the current sources list this occasion for today’s May 3rd, but that there is no concrete reason for the choice of this date at all. The exception to this is the website of the US radio station Coast to Coast AM, which makes a reference to the anniversary of the death of the author Charles Fort (1874 – 1932). After all, Fort is considered to be one of the forefathers of parapsychology and a pioneer of the systematic preoccupation with unexplained phenomena, but a final confirmation of this connection is still pending (see also the list of further links below).

Whether with this decision the day of the carpet fold (National Lumpy Rug Day), the wear two different colored shoe day (National Two Different Colored Shoes Day), the day of the garden meditation (Garden Meditation Day) or the International Day of the Sun or the International Day of Forest Kindergarten (Global Day of Forest Kindergarten) played a role, unfortunately, I could not find out in the course of the research.

Literature tips for friends of the supernatural

Fittingly, I also have two current literature recommendations that deal with the topic in very different ways in the broadest sense:

  • Christine Wunnicke: Katie . Berenberg, Berlin 2017. A wonderful novel with bizarre characters about the science of the marriage of spiritualism and its reaction to a real ghost that is not only looking for redemption. True story. 😉
  • Roger Clarke. Natural history of ghosts. A hearing of evidence. Natural customers 19. Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2015. The name says it all, because Clarke tries to get to the bottom of the phenomenon of ghosts in its various manifestations through the centuries. As always with the books of natural history in a very noble execution.

In this sense: Hopefully a relaxed Paranormal Day to all of you.

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