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April 29 celebrating with the US National Peace Rose Day of the most common and most popular yellow roses worldwide. Reason enough to pay tribute to this botanical occasion with its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell its story below. What is it about?

Who started the National Peace Rose Day?

As with so many other contributions from the calendar of botanical holidays, unfortunately, in the case of National Peace Rose Day, hardly anything seems to be known about its origins. So I could while researching for this article neither indications of possible initiators nor the exact founding year out (see also the list of additional links below and contribution to the US Day of National Flower or National Flower Day at 7 October.

Why is National Peace Rose Day in the United States on April 29?

In contrast, there is a very concrete historical justification for choosing April 29 as the date for the American National Peace Rose Day Day. Because this date refers to the baptism of the rose in the United States on April 29, 1945, which was named Peace there. Rather coincidentally, this date coincided with the parallel storm of the Soviet army on Berlin, which at the same time ushered in the end of the Second World War and the surrender of Nazi Germany. In this respect, there seems to be a coincidence between the chosen name and the date of baptism.

In the same year, all delegates to the first General Assembly of the United Nations received one of these new roses with the note that peace – especially against the background of the two great wars in the first half of the 20th century – must be the most important goal for the future.

Plant knowledge: a brief profile of the Rose National Peace Rose Day

In principle, the opening lines already indicated that National Peace Rose Day is still one of the most popular yellow roses in the world. However, it is still a relatively young breed that was brought onto the market in 1945 by the French rose breeder Francis Meilland. Their popularity is also reflected in the fact that Gloria Dei was the first breeding ever to be awarded the title World Rose in 1976 (see also the list of links below).

What does the Rose Gloria Dei look like?

Gloria Dei grows as an upright and branched shrub that reaches a height of 80 to 150 cm. The large, double yellow flowers of 12 to 14 centimeters, which show a transition to pink at the edge of the outer petals, are typical of this rose breed. The width or color intensity of this transition zone can, however, vary depending on the plant and cultivation. Basically, the flowers lighten to a light yellow or delicate pink over time.

When does the peace rose bloom?

The rose is one of the multiple bloomers and has – depending on the respective location and climatic conditions – its typical season from June to the onset of the first frost. So if you plant a Gloria Dei, you can enjoy the full blooms for a long time. The plant is considered to be extremely resilient and can be planted both as a garden rose and as a cut rose.

What other names is Gloria Dei known by?

In fact, this variety of roses is known internationally by very different names. While its creators in France dedicated this yellow rose as Mme A. Meilland or Madame A. Meilland to his mother, it is known in Italy as Gioia (German for joy), in Germany as Latin for Gloria Dei (German for honor be to God) and in the USA as Peace Rose.

Francis Meilland pointed out in this context that these different names were primarily due to the Second World War and the associated communication restrictions between international colleagues.

And who can not do anything of you with yellow roses for / provided by the 29 April with the US Day of the zipper or National Zipper Day and the International Dance Day at least two calendar alternatives.

In this sense: Have a great day at National Peace Rose Day to all of you.

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