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Fans of high-quality grilled food celebrating the April 27 course as National Prime Rib Day. Reason enough to pay tribute to this Food Holiday with its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from around the world and to shed some light on its background in the following. What is it about?

Who started National Prime Rib Day?

If you take a first look at the existing sources, the background or origins of the National Prime Rib Day do not seem to be particularly well documented. Actually astonishing with a BBQ classic from the United States (see also the article on the US National Barbecue Day on May 16).

Rather, most of the common online calendars and websites on the subject of food holidays refer to an unsuccessful research into a possible initiator and the exact year of foundation (see also the list of further links below).

Not an uncommon situation when looking at the annual culinary calendar of the United States. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look at the matter. Because if you take a closer look, at least two websites come into question as possible initiators.

The American greeting card provider is the initiator of National Prime Rib Day
One is the website of the US greeting card provider If a strange holiday turns up in this context, the assumption is that the idea behind it came from the company’s marketing department. After all, every additional occasion in the calendar offers an opportunity to advertise your own products.

The only disadvantage of this web portal is that its creators hardly provide any background information about the food holidays gathered there. The earliest known version of a post on the US National Prime Rib Day dates back to April 29, 2011 (see also the list of related links below).

John-Bryan Hopkins and his project as the creator of National Prime Rib Day
The other is the food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins, who has launched numerous food holidays of his own on his portal since 2005/2006. The earliest mention of National Prime Rib Day goes back to April 27, 2012. The problem is, however, that Hopkins hardly ever explicitly identifies the occasions he has created. Accordingly, the exact authorship of his numerous food holidays is only partially comprehensible (see also the list of further links below)

Conclusion: who invented the US prime rib day?

Even if the post on seems to be a bit older, no conclusions can be drawn about the exact authorship of this US national day of prime rib. This is also against the background that the data from Google Trends show an initial relevant interest for the search term National Prime Rib Day as early as April 2008 (see also the list of further links below). In this respect, the question of the possible initiator or the exact year of foundation remains unanswered to date.

Why does National Prime Rib Day fall on April 27th in the United States?

To make matters worse, neither of the two sources provides any justification for choosing April 27 as the date of the US National Prime Rib Day. Rather, Hopkins has pointed out in several interviews that the occasions of this culinary collection are placed either according to seasonal reference or the existing gaps in the calendar. This against the background that at the start of he could only find 200 well-known food holidays and filled the remaining days with his own holidays. In this respect, there is a lot to suggest that this culinary day of honor has existed for much longer. (see also the list of further links below).

If there is a connection to the acclaimed parallel April 27 World Design Day, the National Morse Code Day or the Kings Day or Day of Königs, I could not find out in the course of research for the present article. But there is a lot conceivable in the calendar of the curious world days. 😉

Kitchen knowledge: five things to know about prime rib

  • The prime rib (English: cote de boeuf) is considered to be the particularly tender premium piece of beef. It is not for nothing that this exquisite cut from one of the eight best cuts of beef in the USA goes by the name of King of Meats.
  • Accordingly, in the United States, prime rib is also classified in the USDA prime category and is not always easy to buy. Other American quality grades for beef are Choice, Select, Cutter and Canner. The best, but most expensive quality level for prime rib is therefore Prime, but also choice meat for preparing suitable (see also the contribution to the US Day of filet mignon (Engl. National Filet Mignon Day) on August 13, ).
  • The prime rib is cut from the rib piece, the largest central area of ​​the beef that is between the chuck and the short loin. Traditionally, the meat is cut directly above the plate.
  • A piece of bone from the prime rib weighs on average about 1 kilogram and is enough – depending on the recipe and type of preparation for about 3 people (see also the article on the US American Spareribs Day (English: National Barbecued Spareribs Day) on 4 . July).
  • There are numerous recipe variants for the Prime Rib. Whether with fresh vegetables (such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts) or different types of potatoes (e.g. mashed potatoes, boiled or fried potatoes), a light salad or a pasta dish – whatever you like tastes good. Of course, also a delicious red wine or a fresh beer fit extremely well (see also the contributions to the US day of drinking wine (Engl. National Drink Wine Day) on 18 February and the International Day of beer International (English. Beer Day ) on the first Friday in August).

On this note: Bon appetit and a relaxed National Prime Rib Day to you all.

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