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The April 30 provides as American Raisin Day or National Raisin Day another culinary event in the calendar of the curious public holidays from around the world. This article examines what this Food Holiday from the United States is all about and why we should celebrate the raisins today. What is it about?

Who started National Raisin Day?

Unlike many other food holidays from the land of opportunity, in the case of National Raisin Day there is at least some information about its origins. But one after anonther.

Specifically, the initiative for this American Raisin Day goes back to 1909 and the Californian raisin manufacturers. At that time, they used the entire April to draw attention to their product and National Raisin Day with advertising in newspapers and on the radio, on flyers and billboards throughout the country (see also the list of related links below).

Why does US Raisin Day fall on April 30th?

Then on April 30, 1909, the raisins from the US state were distributed throughout the country. Not without pointing out the health benefits of dried fruits, of course.

To what extent is a contextual relationship to also committed today in choosing the date World Day of Jazz (Engl. International Jazz Day), the US special day of hairdressers (Engl. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day), the day of honesty (English. National Honesty Day) or the day of the oatmeal cookie day (English National Oatmeal Cookie Day) or the earlier Dutch Koninginnedag (German Queen’s Day) , I could not find out in the course of research for the present article.

Kitchen Knowledge: Six Curious Facts To Know About Raisins

  • The name raisin is derived from the old French term roisin, which refers to the Latin racemus, i.e. the grape (see also the calendar of holidays for fruit and fruits ).
  • Raisin is both the generic term for all dried grapes and the specific name for the dried fruits of a seed-rich, dark grape variety.
  • In the United States, the dried fruit became popular in 1873. That year, much of California’s grape harvest dried up during the hot summer. A winegrower made a virtue out of necessity and sold the dried, sweet fruit as a Peruvian delicacy. The rest is history, so to speak.
  • This may also explain why Fresno in the US state of California is considered the (American) capital of raisins. In Europe, Malaga in Spain bears this unofficial title.
  • Approximately four to five kilograms of grapes are needed to produce one kilogram of raisins.
  • The raisins also play a central role in one of the most popular US snacks: the so-called Ants on a Log, which combines peanut butter, celery and raisins (see also the article on National Ants On A Log Day on the second Tuesday in September). They are also an important ingredient in traditional German Christmas stollen (see also the article on the nationwide Christmas stollen day in Germany on December 10th).

Be that as it may: Have a great National Raisin Day to all of you.

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