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The second Saturday in June is the National Day of rosé wine(National Rose Wine Day): a type often underestimated in some countries but which wins proselytes day after day, especially abroad. We found 5 curiosities about rosé wine in the International Rosé Wine Day, from the legend about its birth to the obsession of the French for this type.

June 12th is the International Rosé Wine Day, the international day of rosé wine. This type of wine has an increasingly large market of enthusiasts, especially in the United States, thanks to the versatility with which it can be served with dishes. In Italy, the niche of customers who prefer rosé is still very small: prejudices against this wine are very strong in the Bel Paese and this penalizes production and variety because it is not sold as elsewhere.

However, prejudices towards rosé must be overcome: today there are wonderful rosé wines that have nothing to envy to whites and reds. With this in mind, the day dedicated to rosé wine was born.

National Rose Wine Day wishes - Rose Wine Day in the USA - wishesdb
National Rose Wine Day wishes – Rose Wine Day in the USA

National Rose Wine Day – The 5 Facts you (perhaps) do not know about rosé Wine

There are many false myths about fine rosé and many stories that tell the birth of this type. Out of all we found 5 Facts that tell this very particular wine.

1. Rosé wine was born due to a theft and a priest

According to the most accredited legend about the birth of rosé, this wine was born on Lake Garda due to a slacker priest . It seems that this priest lived in a very small country village, who only got by with the charity of his fellow villagers. Too lazy to cultivate the vegetable garden, he was constantly in difficulty especially for the wine that could not be missing in the church. After a few years, however, the faithful got tired of this situation and cut off the priest’s provisions who, in response, found alternative ways of supplying them: theft .

During the harvest he would have made a hole in a vat to let a wine that remained too little in contact with the skins and had not yet started fermentation . For this reason the priest’s wine came out pink and with a very particular flavor.

2. Rosé wine is not necessarily pink

This can be hard to believe, especially for men according to studies by Israel Abramov , who demonstrated the reduced ability of boys to perceive color tones. Yes, not all rosé wine is pink . The variation ranges from light pink, like a petal to a more intense shade that touches red. All this depends on various factors: first of all the maceration time , as the legend about the thief priest has shown us, also affects the grape variety and aging .

3. The French are obsessed with rosé

Although today the most expanding market is the American one, as shown by the interest on the part of Dolce & Gabbana and the new classification of Prosecco DOC , the people who drink more rosé are the French. Our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps consume about 40% of the global rosé wine . After them are the Americans (rapidly rising) and the Germans. This wine is so highly regarded by France that at Christmas the classic wine to put on the table is precisely the pink one.

The French are also the first rosé producers in the world but they drink so much rosé that they have to import the wine to satisfy the internal demand. In this way, the French win the medal of the largest producers, consumers and also of the largest importers of rosé wine on the planet.

4. Rosé is not a missed red

According to what the Ais, the Italian Sommelier Association writes : “Rosé is wine, real wine! Its chromatic gradations are many, more than red and white. Rosé lacks nothing, not even the potential for aging, because a nuanced oxidative character combined with a vibrant acidity makes it recover a sapid / mineral tone that elevates it in the taste-olfactory substance “.

5. Rosé wine is not to be drunk frozen

Let’s clarify the thing: no wine is drunk ice-cold. The low temperature anesthetizes the taste: even a very bad wine can be pleasant if cold. In general, you have to see the indication on the label, fortunately, many wines suggest the serving temperature. If they don’t, let’s keep it around 10 ° -12 ° C, so that it can express all its aromas and give soft and round sensations in the mouth.

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