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National Sorry Day takes place in Australia on May 26, 2021. The day is an unofficial Australian holiday that has been observed since 1998. The reason for the day is the forced adoption of around 35,000 Aboriginal children between 1920 and 1969. In 1997 the Australian Human Rights Commission published a final report on these incidents and it was decided to commemorate the affected Aborigines with a holiday of their own. In 1998 a committee was set up on the subject and National Sorry Day was celebrated for the first time.

The children who were affected by the forced adoptions are also known as the Stolen Generations. So this term refers precisely to the generations of Aboriginal Australians children who were taken from their families by the Australian government. The forced removal of the mostly “half-blooded” children was systematic and ten to 30 percent of all Aboriginal children were affected.

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When is the Sorry Day?

Wednesday May 26, 2021

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