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National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey: April 23 is an official holiday for children in Turkey, which was introduced in 1920 by state founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It aims to promote brotherhood, love and friendship between children and has the motto “Our children are our future”. Since 1979 the holiday has been given the extended title “International Children’s Festival” and is also celebrated in other countries.

April 23 was also originally the date on which the Turkish parliament was opened. The day has been an official holiday for children in Turkey since 1920. On the occasion of the 23rd Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayrami, street parades and celebrations will take place in stadiums. Every year groups of children from abroad are invited to Turkey, who then take part in the celebrations in traditional costumes from their home countries. The organization of the parades lies with the Turkish radio and television broadcaster TRT.

On April 23, various Turkish associations are holding celebrations on the occasion of Children’s Day in Germany. While some festivals are only aimed at Turkish children, intercultural children’s festivals have been organized in many places since 1994, which emphasize the original idea of ​​international understanding. These international children’s festivals are organized in cooperation with German institutions for child and youth work as well as with other migrant associations in Berlin and Stuttgart, among others.

The children’s festival was held in Berlin for the first time in 2000. Hundreds of thousands of Berliners visited the International Children’s Festival every year and over 100 companies took part. The children’s festival is organized by a voluntary working group made up of 50 clubs and umbrella organizations. This working group is dependent on the financial support of sponsors as well as donations. The organizer, 23 Nisan e. V., attaches great importance to the fact that all efforts are in the interest of the children of our society and that no commercial or political purposes are pursued. (Source: Wikipedia, License: CC-A / SA)

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When is the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey?

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