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Be great and wear capes. The 28 April 1995 honors the superhero world. At least in the US, which this date as nationwide National Superhero Day or Day of superheroes celebrate. Reason enough to include this superhero day of honor in the calendar of curious holidays from around the world and to tell its story with this article. So why should we celebrate the superheroes on this date in April?

Who started National Superhero Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays and action days, National Superhero Day has some very specific background information about its origins. And definitely not with the also today committed in the US Day of blueberry cake or National Blueberry Pie Day to do. 😉 But one after anonther.

Specifically, the initiative goes back to a group of employees of the comic book publisher Marvel and the year 1995. According to legend, they were said to have run around (or flown) in superhero capes from the manufacturer Powecapes from the US state of Michigan to celebrate the day. An integral part of this first edition of National Superhero Day was also the questioning of the people on the street about which superpowers – if possible – they would like to have at their disposal on 25 May.

In the course of the research I could not find out to what extent this corresponds to the facts or whether the named provider only jumped on here afterwards. Incidentally, this also applies to the choice of date, which is nowhere explained in more detail.

Heroes for a good cause – the intention of Superhero Day

Today it is obvious that numerous publishers, comic shops, costume manufacturers etc. are jumping on this curious holiday in honor of the superheroes. So it is not surprising that Marvel and Disney chose this date for the international release of their latest Avengers film Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

The nice thing about such events is that they can be used to convey a lot of positive messages and commitment for a good cause. An example of this is an organization or initiative such as the American Love Your Melon. This uses April 28 to visit children’s wards in hospitals disguised as superheroes and to encourage the little patients. Including capes and gifts that promote superpowers.

In this sense: Be great and have a great National Superhero Day.

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National Superhero Day Ideas for kids - wishes db
National Superhero Day Ideas for kids
National Superhero Day Ideas for kids at school - wishes db
National Superhero Day Ideas for kids at school
simple National Superhero Day Ideas for kids - wishes db
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simple National Superhero Day Ideas for family
simple National Superhero Day Ideas for kid - wishes db

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