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National That Sucks Day: The April 15 one commits in the United States as a National That Sucks Day (dt mutatis mutandis. Everything-is-shit-days ). In this respect, the calendar of curious public holidays from all over the world is truly under a bad star today. At least if the American Bruce Novotny has his way, who launched the event in 2005. This article explains what this is all about and why we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand in view of the everything-sucks-day.

Who started National That Sucks Day?

Even if everything else today seems to fall into the category of modest, at least the fact that there is some very specific background information about the US National That Sucks Day is comforting at this point. But one after anonther.

It was brought into being in 2005 by the American Bruce Novotny, who also runs the website thatsucks.net (see the list of further links below). If one can believe Novotny’s statements there, the satirical aspect is more in the foreground. And a rogue who thinks bad at the shop that is also available there with matching That Sucks Day merchandise.

Why does That Sucks Day fall on April 15th in the United States?

Now, it is always a bit tricky, a specific date to explain to a good or bad day (see among others the nice day (Engl. Beautiful Day) on November 20, or Have a Bad Day Day (dt. An N- bad-day-wish-day ) on November 18th).

In the case of today’s April 15, there is from the point of view of the Americans a good reason to get at least a little bad mood. Because in the United States, this date traditionally represents the day on which the income tax return is due. Some sources suspected a content-related connection to Liquorice Day or National Licorice Day on April 12th, but today’s variant with the everything-sucks-day seems more plausible to me.

In addition, April 15 also provides at least two historical events that could explain why this day is simply bad. On the one hand, the 16th American President Abraham Lincoln died after an assassination attempt on April 15, 1865 and in 1912 the Titanic sank on this day (see also the entry on Titanic Memorial Day ). Truly not the most beautiful occasions.

National That Sucks Day: Good reasons why not everything sucks today

But you shouldn’t hide the fact that, of course, not everything is bad on this date either. Eg Leonardo da Vinci (1452), Bessie Smith (1894) and Emma Watson (1990) or also committed on 15 April – is an example of the numerous birthdays day of erasers referenced (English National National Rubber Eraser Day.). If that is not enough, there is also the International Art Day (English. World Art Day ) or the US American Gripers Day (English National Griper’s Day).

In this sense: a great National That Sucks Day to all of you. Whether in the United States or anywhere else in the world. 😉

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