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On May 22 , the United States recalls the national day of the toothpaste tube often only briefly: Toothpaste Tube Day to the launch of this Everyday object. Reason enough to include this occasion in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell its story in this article. What happened?

Why do we celebrate National Toothpaste Tube Day on May 22nd?

As already indicated at the beginning, the day of the toothpaste tube celebrated today goes back to a specific historical occasion. Namely the launch of the modern tube of toothpaste by the US dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Washington W. Sheffield (1827-1897) returned May 22, 1892.

In short, the story goes like this: In the late 19th century, toothpaste was mainly sold in jars. Sheffield came up with the idea for the tube through his son Lucius Tracy Sheffield, who told his father about the paint tubes used by the artists during a stay in Paris and considered this to be a much more elegant and hygienic packaging for toothpaste.

Said and done. However, the family-owned company Sheffield Dentifrice Co still bought its squeeze tubes from external manufacturers from 1880 to 1892. It was not until May 22, 1892 that the Dr. Sheffield’s Creme Dentifrice brought the first tube of toothpaste from its own production onto the market and thus made the toothpaste tube accessible to a broader public. Today’s curious holiday refers to this very date.

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National Toothpaste Tube Day Images

Who started the National Toothpaste Tube?

Although this is based on a specific historical event, unfortunately also in the case of National Toothpaste Tube Day, neither its initiator nor the year of origin are known. At least I couldn’t find out anything about this in the course of the research.

This applies of course also applies to any reference to crimes committed today also the day of the swimming champion in Germany or National Buy a Musical Instrument Day, National Vanilla Pudding Day, the international Sherlock Holmes Day or the World Goth Day.

With this in mind: If you brush your teeth today, just waste a thought on the good Dr. Washington W. Sheffield. 🙂

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