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From 2008 to 2015, the Saturday of the stand on May 10 is closest, as National Railway Day (National Train Day ) in the United States devoted to rail transport. At least if it was up to Amtrak or the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, which launched this special day for long-distance rail passenger transport. In 2021 this would have been May 8th , whereby the emphasis here is actually on the past tense. Because in 2015 this National Railway Day was discontinued or no longer continued for cost reasons. Reason enough to make a separate contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the worldto donate and to honor his memory. What was it about?

Who started National Train Day?

As already indicated in the introduction, the origins and background of National Train Day in the United States are relatively well documented. The initiative for this nationwide day of action went back to the national railroad company Amtrak ( National Railroad Passenger Corporation ) and the year 2008. A completely understandable originator, because Amtrak still operates over 300 trains and 500 stations in the USA and Canada (see also the list of related links below).

When did the US celebrate National Railroad Day?

Although National Railway Day was a flexible date, it had a historical justification for it. Because National Train Day, as a weekend event, should always fall on the Saturday closest to May 10th, i.e. the date on which the so-called Golden Spike in Promontory, Utah, the first transnational railroad in the United States was completed in 1869 . For 2020, National Railway Day would have fallen on May 9th.

  • 2019: Saturday May 11th
  • 2020: Saturday, May 9th
  • 2021: Saturday, May 8th
  • 2022: Saturday May 14th
  • 2023: Saturday May 13th
  • 2024: Saturday May 11th
  • 2025: Saturday, May 10th
  • 2026: Saturday, May 9th
  • 2027: Saturday, May 8th
  • 2028: Saturday May 13th
  • 2029: Saturday May 12th
  • 2030: Saturday May 11th

After Amtrak discontinued National Train Day 2015 for cost reasons, an attempt was made to replace it with the so-called Amtrak Train Days. These events only lasted for a short time and could not reach the popularity of their predecessor (see also the list of related links below).

Who here is an intellectual prop examined or not uninteresting combination possibility can this event or this flexible date also as a parallel event to the national Mini Golf Day (Engl. National Miniature Golf Day) or the one-night-undergoing-day English (. Stay Up All Night Day) in the calendar.

Goals and Intention: The US celebrated the railroad and itself

The primary aim of National Train Day was to raise public awareness of the advantages of railways as a means of public transport for people and goods. But of course the historical importance of the ice rink also played a not insignificant role in US history

As already mentioned, the whole country will be celebrated: Many stations of the Amtrak network show historical material, exhibit model railways or organize tours of the trains used (local and long-distance traffic). Numerous local railway museums also used this national railway day to show their collections and make them accessible to a wide audience. There were also numerous journeys on historic railways.

In this sense: Have a good trip and a great National Train Day to all of you.

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