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On May 3, the calendar for curious holidays from all over the world is at least two-colored. After this date to celebrate the United States as their national support-two different colored shoes day (National Two Different Colored Shoes Day). Reason enough to include this event in the list of curious world days and to follow up on its history in this article. Why should we wear shoes of different colors today?

Strange holidays for shoes, socks and feet

The thing with strange holidays and action days on the subject of feet, socks and shoes seems to have somehow done to mankind. As an example, reference is made to the following articles and dates in the framework calendar of the curious World Days:

  • the day of the Fußvermessens (Measure Your Feet Day) on January 23,
  • the Without Sock Day (No Socks Day) on May 8,
  • the day of the lost sock (Lost Socks Memorial Day) on May 9,
  • the loose-with-the-toe day (Wiggle Your Toes Day) on August 6 or
  • the pull-your-own-shoes-to-day (Put on Your Own Shoes Day) on December 6.

And here you can probably find a whole range of other occasions and calendar entries. Be that as it may, this is just a preliminary remark to today’s wearing-two-different-colored-shoes-day.

Who started the National Two Different Colored Shoes Day?

In contrast to many strange holidays from the land of unlimited possibilities, in the case of the National Two Different Colored Shoes Day there is very specific information about who started it.

In detail: This day of action was initiated by the American educator, author and actress Dr. Arlene Kaiser in 2009, although it does not seem to be entirely clear whether it was committed before. According to Kaiser himself, as part of her Walk her Talk campaign (see related links below), since the 1980s, he has been wearing two different-colored shoes twice a week.

Why does the day of the different colored shoes fall on May 3rd?

In fact, the US-American had the National Two Different Colored Shoes Day protected as a trademark at the beginning of 2009. In the course of my research, however, I could not find out why she selected today’s May 3rd as the date. A content-related connection to the day of the carpet fold (English National Lumpy Rug Day), the day of the garden meditation (English Garden Meditation Day), the day of the supernatural (English National Paranormal Day) and the International Day of the Forest kindergarten (Global Day of Forest Kindergarten) or International Sun Day do not seem to exist.

Shoes in different colors: Dr. Arlene Kaiser and the appeal for diversity

Be that as it may, the message of this curious holiday, on which you should wear two different colored shoes, is relatively clear: Because according to Dr. Kaiser be a sign of recognition of the uniqueness and diversity of humanity.

In other words: The point is to courageously break out of everyday life with this little gesture that violates the convention – except for professional footballers;) – and thus to convey one’s own willingness to take risks in the sense of the above message.

With this in mind: Have a great National Two Different Colored Shoes Day to all of you.

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