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The May 18 is the visit-your-family-day , pay a good reason for his relationship again a visit. At least that’s what the calendar says to our American neighbors, who have declared this date to be National Visit your Relatives Day (sometimes just for short: Visit Your Relatives Day). The following article examines what this is all about and why this event deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world .

Who started National Visit Your Relatives Day?

Even if I could not finally clarify who is the possible originator of this curious holiday from the United States and since when exactly has been celebrated with our transatlantic neighbors, there is a serious reference through a post on the web portal ( see the list of further links below).

Because, as always in such cases, the assumption that National Visit Your Relatives Day is an invention of one of the marketing departments of the US American greeting card industry stands to reason. After all, the inclined visitor gets here equal to the offer, an e-card to send the day of electronic greeting cards (Electronic Greetings Day) on 29 November).

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Why should we visit our relatives on May 18th of all times?

Well, why not, one would like to answer. But as with so many other curious holidays and days of action, it seems to be rather unclear in the case of Visit Your Relatives’ Day, why its initiators have decided on today’s May 18th of all times.

A possible clue arises – again – from a look at the calendar of saints of the Christian churches, which lists this date as the day of honor or remembrance of Saint Felix of Cantalice (1515 – 1587). In this context, the Capuchin monk and lay brother is also considered the patron saint of mothers and children and, figuratively, it is relatively easy to build a substantive bridge. 😉

Whether it also, however, a connection to also celebrated today about the International Museum Day (International Museum Day) or the US No Dirty tableware tag is (National No Dirty Dishes Day) remains unclear. Both occasions seem to be compatible with visiting relatives. 😉

In this sense: Even if there is too great a spatial distance between you and your relatives, just use the National Visit Your Relatives Day to get in touch again.

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