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Fancy nuts? Since 1958, the United States celebrate the May 17 officially designated as national day of Walnut (National Walnut Day). A nationwide food holiday, so to speak, with nutty omens. Reason enough to tell the story of this event with the following contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from around the world . So why are we celebrating the walnuts today?

  • Who started the National Walnut Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays in the United States, National Walnut Day is labeled “National” as a national, but not a state holiday with some justification. Because it was officially confirmed in 1958 by the government under President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969). For the explanation of how this proclamation came about, however, the time has to be reduced a little further.

The original idea for a national walnut holiday of its own goes back to the American Walnut Marketing Board and June 1949. This association of the California walnut industry, founded in 1933 under the name Walnut Control Board , initiated a day of action here to educate the population of the country about the health and culinary benefits of eating walnuts. The association has been operating under the name California Walnut Board since 2008.

William F. Knowland and the National Walnut Day proclamation

In the course of the research for the present article, I was not able to find out exactly when politics was brought into play here – but a whole lot of lobbying seems to me not entirely unlikely. The fact is, however, that the parliamentary group leader of the Republican Party and representative of the US state of California William F. Knowland (1908-1974) submitted a resolution to the US Senate on March 3, 1958, which wanted to declare National Walnut Day a national holiday.

Why does US National Walnut Day fall on May 17th?

On May 17, 1958, this resolution was passed by signature of the then incumbent US President Eisenhower and accordingly the Americans celebrate this special day of the walnut always on May 17. So today. 😉

And who likes of you no walnuts, for / offering on May 17 with the US Day of Sammelwütigen (Pat Rack Day), The World Hypertension Day or the (World Hypertension Day) World Baking Day (World Baking Day) a whole range of other calendar alternatives.

The American Walnut Day as an addition to the culinary nut calendar

Our transatlantic neighbors love nuts in all forms. There is no other way of explaining the numerous contributions from the nut holiday calendar. In this respect, the national day of the walnut is in good company, whereby at this point reference should also be made to the – but rather metaphorical – German day of the stupid nut on February 10th. Would you like some examples? No problem:

  • the day of the almond (National Almond Day) on February 16,
  • the co-chocolate-coated peanuts tag (National Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day) on February 25,
  • the day of the pistachio (National Pistachio Day) on February 26th,
  • the day of the pecan (National Pecan Day) on April 14th,
  • the day of trail mixes (National Train Day Mix) on August 31,
  • the Erdnusstag (National Peanut Day) on September 13, or
  • the day of the nut in Great Britain and the USA (National Nut Day) on 22.

Nut Knowledge: Curious Walnut Facts You Should Know About

In principle, the walnut is nothing more than the fruit of the real walnut (lat. Juglans regia), a deciduous tree that botanically belongs to the walnut family (lat. Juglandaceae).

National Walnut Day images - wishesdb
National Walnut Day images

Etymology: where did the walnut get its name from?

In this respect, it is not surprising that this tree is colloquially referred to in German as walnut tree, Welschnuss (Austria), tree nut (Switzerland) or simply walnut for short. Today it is assumed that the name is etymologically derived from “Welsche Nuss”, since the plant and its fruit reached Germany and the German-speaking area via France and Italy.

In the Anglo-American language area, the walnut operates under the name Persian Walnut (German: Persian walnut), which is derived from the Old English term walhnutu (wealh + hnutu – German roughly foreign nut). Although there are a number of varieties and shapes in the walnut family, the best known – also with a view to the world’s largest exporter of walnuts, the USA and here the state of California – are certainly the English Walnut and the Black Walnut.

Are Walnuts Healthy?

In any case. At least as long as you eat them in moderation – as always. Nuts in general and walnuts in particular are considered to be particularly health-promoting due to their high content of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins as well as unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Doctors and nutrition experts mention the positive effect of this combination of ingredients on the human cholesterol level and the prophylactic effect in relation to cardiovascular diseases.

On this note: Bon appetit and a great National Walnut Day to all of you. 

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