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The May 6 is likely to stand at the master students is in great demand. After this date to celebrate the US as the statewide no-homework day (No Homework Day). Reason enough to include this event in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell its story with this article. What is it about?

Who started No Homework Day?

A look at the origins of No Homework Day leads us on the trail of two very well-known names: The American couple Ruth and Thomas Roy. The two are rightly regarded as true luminaries in the field of curious holidays, after all, in recent years they have launched over 80 of their own (trademarked) days of action (see also the list of related links below). Including such pearls as the following dates:

  • the Cat New Year (Happy Mew Year for Cats Day) on January 2,
  • the answer-the-question your Cat Day (Answer Your Cat’s Question Day) on January 22,
  • the Without Sock Day (No Socks Day) on May 8,
  • the smuggling-a-couple-of-zucchini-on-the-terrace-your-neighbors-night (Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night) on August 8th,
  • the International Day of frustration cries (International Moment of Frustration Scream Day) on October 12, or
  • the Stay-home-because-it-you-better-tag is (Stay Home Because You’re Well Day) on 30 November.

In the case of the US no homework day, the earliest known version of a post on dates back to June 2002. It is not entirely clear whether this day of action has much older calendar roots. After all, Thomas Roy began creating his own holidays while he was working as a radio host in the 1980s (see also the list of related links below).

Why is US homework day falling on May 6th?

As with most of the other curious holidays and action days from the house of Roy, however, there is no concrete reason for choosing the date in the case of the day without homework. At least I couldn’t find out in the course of research for the present article, why the two chose May 6th as the date for the No Homework Day.

One possibility as to the date here would be a possible commonality with the equally celebrated today World Anti-Diet Day (Engl. International No Diet Day), but there can be up to the opposition to a particular thing rather little overlap. In this respect, this is a possible reason for May 6th. Unfortunately, this applies beyond and also to the US Day of drinks (Engl. National Beverage Day).

On No Homework Day: Why you don’t need to do homework on May 6th

Be that as it may, this circumstance should not prevent us from telling something about the no-homework day in the present context of the curious world days. From an educational point of view, this is one of those days that parents and teachers should probably keep a secret from their students or children.

Because today it’s actually about children being able to refuse to do their homework. Why? Precisely because today the no-homework day is being celebrated and it implies that you can do and do a lot – just no homework. 😉 Exceptions are important exams or exams. Today’s curious holiday should not be used as a reason.

Accordingly, May 6th is a good date to put the learning material aside in a relaxed manner and with a clear conscience. However, in order to save the educational honor of the curious holidays at this point, it should be noted in conclusion that I only point out the existence of this curious holiday.

Who makes what out of it and how is not at my discretion. A longer way home could also be used as a good reason. In terms of calendar, May 6th is not far from US National Bike to School Day in the first full week of May.

With this in mind: Have a relaxed No Homework Day to all of you.

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