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With the American National Nylon Stocking Day, the calendar of curious holidays from around the world on May 15th celebrates nothing less than stockings made of nylon fiber. At least if our transatlantic neighbors in the USA have their way, who also celebrate this date as the nationwide National Nylon Stocking Day . The following lines illuminate what this is all about and why this date is to be understood as a historical reference.

Who started National Nylon Stocking Day?

In contrast to many of the other curious days of celebration and action gathered, the National Nylon Day has very specific information about its origins and creation. Because these relate to a historical event

To do this, however, something has to be explored historically. In 1935, the American Wallace Hume Carothers developed the first nylon fiber called polyamide while working for the chemical company DuPont (full name: EI du Pont de Nemours & Co. ). The DuPont research director at the time is therefore considered to be one of the forefathers of microfibers and at the same time must be seen as a pioneer of a fashion phenomenon.

Because with the introduction of nylon stockings that are significantly cheaper or more robust than silk or rayon, the demand for this hosiery also increased. DuPont brought the first nylon stockings to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1939 and is said to have sold over 4,000 pairs within three hours.

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Why is US Nylon Stocking Day on May 15th?

And this demand is likely to have spawned today’s National Nylon Stocking Day. Because on May 15, 1940 DuPont broke the mark of five million pairs of nylon stockings sold, with the chemical company only supplying selected stores in the major cities of the United States. In the USA, this date is still known today as the so-called N-Day and today’s occasion should clearly relate to this date.

And who is able to do with it, for / the May 15 with offers International Day of Families (International Day of Families), the US Day of chocolate drops (National Chocolate Chip Day) or or the day the straw hat (National Straw Hat Day) a number calendrical alternatives.

With this in mind, a relaxed National Nylon Stocking Day to all of you.

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